Mountaineering and an extreme in Crimea  
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    Mountaineering and an extreme in Crimea

    The Next lifting of interest to mountaineering in Crimea bears in itself usual lines of a fashion. This and well forgotten old - some closeness and aristocratism of pre-revolutionary voyages on the one hand, both heart-felt simplicity and mass character of All-Union routes with another.

    And, really, spontaneous impact of fashionable extreme hobbies, entertainments, attractions, high technologies and thin power fields leave nobody alone. Thanks to miracles of technics and professionalism of the personnel mountaineering and an extreme, visiting of caves or flights on a paraplane become accessible even to health-resort visitors. Those who only lay tens years ago on a beach as vegetables on a bed, now go to the well-known falls and ancient relics, go for a drive top and if do not submit top on jeeps then on a rope-way rise over clouds.

    Last years many books with routes of mountain foot travel are published. Thirty years ago we, in general, did not know other possibilities. It was necessary to refuse high-grade tasty meal, a pleasant life, sometimes and to admire beauty simply time did not suffice.

    Now on a mountain route it is possible to have all with itself, or nearly so all to refuse, including a backpack and tent. Transport allows to rise anywhere, and the equipment became inflatable, folding, compact, harmless and so on. And in mountain settlements there is also a round-the-clock trade, and frequently comfortable habitation, and hire of everything that the soul wishes and even what does not guess yet.

    So have lost meaning rigid routes of a Soviet period with strict norms of porridge and tushenki. The formed public before to go on rest, chooses now with the help the Internet and a route, and a way of its overcoming.

    Mountains and the sea - accepted in world practice of tourism and the formula of the best, most substantial and most healthy rest habitual to already our public.

    Though Mountain Crimea has also the small area, but in respect of a natural variety it is equivalent to such big natural regions, as Carpathians, caucasus, Altai. A variety of its history and culture is not less interesting and rich.

    Thus it is quite possible to agree with opinion of skilled travellers that in Crimea all small enough. It is deprived grandness and pathos. Often Crimean sights have a certain label of secondariness, similarity, and strongly reduced. For example, the Grand Canyon Colorado and on the car you will examine not at once, and here our Grand Canyon of Crimea for light day it is possible oblazit up and down, having taken pleasure in unusual landscapes not less, than in the USA.

    Any mountain region of the world cannot argue with Crimea on convenience of studying of any components of the nature, history, culture. All is located so visually, informative, convincingly and as though conveniently follows one after another on entertaining routes of survey. And these routes do not demand wearisome trips, and keep within generally a walk mode.

    Great opening of the well-known academicians, great creations of painters, writers, poets, musicians began With such walks. Improbable spiritual force of Mountain Crimea you feel besides in its smallest corners. This force is great, but is friendly.

    Even so fashionable now directions of extreme games and extreme sports in Mountain are accessible to Crimea beginning - and the most young, and elderly. It is possible to risk and it is necessary to study! However, as well as to enjoy new knowledge, feelings, dialogue with people on mountain tracks.

    Crimean mountains and Southern coast of Crimea are the most various on natural and historical sights a part of Ukraine. And in all Eastern Europe there is nothing more popular for tourism. Rapid development of new kinds of active tourism and extreme entertainments, growth of investments and a variety of services are reflected in a site so, how much it was possible. Thus we tried to reflect features of different styles of life and different lines of thought to rest - from family improvingly to youth extreme, summer holiday in Black sea, Odessa, the prices .

    The site Maintenance is created without advertising persistence and special preferences on regions or tourism kinds. The information on it can be useful to professionals of tourism and mountain excursions, and also for all adherents of a healthy way of life at a choice of programs of rest, tourist routes, clubs and firms.

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