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the Choice of style of productive leisure, firms and equipment

Except for eternal snow and eternal ice, Crimea now can offer all kinds of sports in the open air and active mountaineering which have developed in the Alpes and the Mediterranean. Including the same snow and ices, but only not on eternal.

Thus all at us small enough. Difficulties, deprivations, and loadings it is possible to dose out tests accurately. It concerns even temperatures - in time creeping out from northern slope to southern – on the sun, or on the contrary, it is possible to cool down or be heated.

This possibility to dose out loading confuses theorists of tourism at classification of kinds of mountain rest a little. The matter is that practically all from them, including the most dangerous, in Crimea can exist as entertainment (or acquaintance to elements), excursion, amateur employment, sports, expeditions, extreme games, experiments on a survival.

However even simple acquaintance to any extreme (for example, paratsejling – towage behind a boat on a paraplane) or classical (riding) by a kind of productive leisure demands that clear comprehension that it is mortally dangerous. That is, if you are served by travel company:

  • it should possess the licence, and to you to give an insurance policy;
  • whenever possible, it is necessary to communicate to skilled clients, and it is even better, in advance, still houses with the help the Internet to make necessary inquiries;
  • you are obliged to warn the organizer of the program about a state of your health, reactions to stressful situations and medical products.

If you have got used to travel independently, equipment get only in club shops, at all on markets. I would not advise and "the heaped up" global trading networks, like "Sport master", "Mega-sports", "ADIDAS" and other. Sellers in them, as a rule, think nothing in equipment, and in the prices mad means for advertising are put. We will leave it for snobbery bogatenkih "mazhorov" which well only to dress up in all expensive and pestrenkoe and to get on the parquet jeep on pair metres further asphalt.

Search for the small little shops which have grown from bardovskih, tolkinistskih and the other shifted clubs. In them sellers and owners participate each free minute in campaigns and competitions. And it is final, tirelessly can tell about the equipment. BUT! Specifying questions on you native should be the main thing at this story. Abstractly ideal equipment does not exist. Search only for the. And necessarily love the equipment then it will not bring!

In special magazines many advertising articles which usually only confuse the beginning consumer and force or to spend in 2-3 times more than it is necessary, or in general to refuse employment by an extreme. Search through the Internet for club sites and independent conferences where it is possible to learn opinion not sellers, and buyers is better. Besides, there is a set of electronic bulletin boards where the equipment is on sale second-hand. It is enough to open search system Yandex ( and precisely to formulate your inquiry, having specified also the name of the large settlement nearest to you where on your expectations there should be "brothers on shift".

Clubs usually have system of training programs for beginners, actions of the day off, training and qualifying gathering, competitions.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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