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Mountain Crimea and JUBK
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Possibilities of regions of Crimea for tourism on impassability (off road)

In the northwest of Crimea far in the sea the cape Tarhankut stands out. Calcareous uvaly reach heights of 179 metres above sea level. They bezlesny, are cut by ravines and beams. Throughout many tens kilometres here it is possible to go, without meeting habitation and roads. Between the regional centre Black Sea and Olenevkoj at coast remarkable nature sanctuaries – a beam of Big Kastel and Dzhangulsky opolznevoe coast are located. At it dry-cargo ship "Sirius" some years ago was wrecked - romantically having added local sights. The divers who were settling down in the summer in the nearest bay, carry from it on inflatable mattresses of a board and any useful things. The camp is decorated now by a children's swing and other useful things in Robinzona Crusoe's style. The intricate web of local first coats is absolutely deprived indexes – it is possible to guess only that most prokatannaja the track conducts to any popular place. As a whole, the area is simply ideal for the organisation of races lasting many days on jeeps. But also any walks on impassability are good. Hire of mountain bicycles (not so good class) is in Olenevke. Horse walks are spent also.

From Olenevki on the south on first coats to well-known dajverskim to camps Big and Small Atlesh go by capes even a taxi. But also there is, where pokolbasitsja. From Olenevki it is really healthy to send on errands on kvadrotsiklah.

The Western coast (Saksky area and чхьыш  ‡тяр=юЁшш) - very effective, is enough bezdorozhnye and not especially tiresome routes go along seacoast on dirt roads. On the south from Sak it is a route by constructions of range of deck aircraft the THREAD and salty lakes. On the north from Evpatoria – also on first coats along coast by ten space aerials and besides salty lakes – up to lake Donuzlav. In settlement vicinities New lake it is possible to admire still columns vetroustanovok.

In the Evpatoria directly the city beach in park of Frunze has an extreme-park. A covering from the polished concrete and from tens different springboards and rejlov from a steel. In summertime in the afternoon very much hot. But in the evenings it is good, always it is a lot of bicyclists on MTV and VMH.

Hire of saddle horses – on quay at seaport.

On opposite, east end of Crimea on one hundred kilometres hills of Kerch peninsula last. They remind Tarhankut as bezlesny, each new lifting opens a new freakish line of horizon. About the same heights (mountain Opuk - 184 metres).

Here the most remarkable driving - on the cape Kazantip, reminding closed koltseobraznoj the form lifted from a bottom atollovyj a reef with a diameter approximately in 10 km. An abundance of the most beautiful bays and difficult, but an accessible relief, even radialki within a week do only more and more grasping.

Zanjatno and driving on melkopeschanym to beaches directly at a water edge - they perfectly hold tyres, and it is possible to go tens kilometres without fences and almost without people.

Hire of saddle horses is in one of rural houses of village Mysovoe. Hire of mountain bicycles and every possible equipment for active tourism and an extreme in a new small house directly at highway between trading pjatachkom Mysovogo and base "Lavender".

Feature of Kerch peninsula is the abundance of hydrochloric lakes, in the summer sometimes completely drying up. Their coast in places are high enough and steep.

From Kerch on the south the remarkable route lies by the coast of lake Tobechik big and interesting on a relief, and further to remarkable beaches at village Jakovenkovo and to reserve Opuk.

ATTENTION: further on the West boundless open spaces let do not suit you. These are territories of military ranges and objects of the Black Sea fleet of Russia and Armed forces of Ukraine. To get here (interest represents the Chaudinsky beacon and fossil Chaudinsky oyster bank, remarkable beaches, and also the Bay of Cosmonauts where tests of the first Soviet landers for returning of cosmonauts to the Earth were conducted) it is possible only with the permission of a military management or for hunting under the licence. The administration of the Chaudinsky hunting economy settles down in district Lenino.

Southwest Crimea is Most interesting and various for a mountain cycle tourism. Mountains in height to 1545 metres, the most complicated rocks and canyons are combined with flat hills, cool valleys.

All cave cities, in particular Mangup, are unusually interesting, and the city of Bakla besides also it is little-known though it is the largest centre of winemaking of 4-8 centuries. All sights of Mountain Crimea connect the well-known ancient pack tracks amazing with the declivity. It is possible so to travel both without asphalt and without pressure.

The Bakhchsarai area is classical for driving on impassability. Special forms of hills of Internal and External ridges of Crimean mountains which from the south represent very abrupt slopes with vertical breakages, and from the north very long and flat descents, allows to go really in general without roads. But thus completely to supervise safety and extreme degree. For more comfortable driving, but nevertheless without asphalt, the extensive area mezhgrjadovogo falls between Jajloj (from which it is possible skatit to beaches of Southern coast) and the Internal ridge where the well-known cave cities are located, from an immemorial antiquity has remained a unique network of dirt roads. In popular speech them call ishachkami – the matter is that a donkey very clever and ergonomic animal. The donkey under cargo very much saves forces and never will lose heights and it will not type in vain. The tracks laid by pack burros two or five thousand years ago, it is ideal traverses which could not be reorientated by means of the most exact theodolites.

At Mangupa the big asinine farm is well-known. Some steps of training and the special certificate oslovoditelja are developed. Hire of saddle horses is in Bakhchisarai, Kujbyshevo, Falcon, Rich gorge and other popular places among tourists.

The Considerable part of tracks passes also in a shade of the remarkable trees rich fitontsidami. These are junipers, oaks, pines. Among them set of curative fruit-trees and bushes.

For fans of an extreme, jumps through earthen springboards perfect conditions create is artificial the terraces cut by tractors on hillsides. Them did simply for convenient care of pine landings, without assuming that someone for a pair of clocks will construct from this friable weight springboards for flights.

In vicinities of Bakhchisarai already hastily blinded some lines for extreme downhill racing. They settle down on southern slopes of the External ridge of Crimean mountains – to the West from a line Simferopol-Sevastopol. In general this ridge practically is not known in practice of active tourism, and meanwhile within the Bakhchsarai area it is very beautiful. Here a lot of small, but effective asphalt streamers with small loading by cars. First coats are twisted among vineyards and gardens, many of which are thrown. Plum, almonds, a walnut in many places are simply showered. On "the velvet season", after harvesting on vineyards there is a set of so-called "tails" - small brushes on runaways-stepsons.

Only as certain "makeweight" to Bakhchsarai (or alushtinskim) vicinities of Simferopol can serve routes. For many reasons the capital of Crimea has dropped out of a tourist turn. It is insulting, but it is the fact. Possibilities of coast of the Simferopol water basin, valleys of Salgira and Small Salgira, and also open spaces Dolgorukovsky jajly are a little known.

Two areas – the Bottom plateau of a file of Chatyr-dag and natural boundary the Cornel-koba with natural boundary Suuchhan adjoining it are well untwisted only.

About concrete routes for mountain bicycles and other off roada it is possible to receive the information on a site or on demand on e-mail.

The Bakhchsarai area in the south in the most effective and popular places (at coast and near to cave cities) proceeds city lands of Sevastopol. To natural beauty of all three ridges of mountains Krymsih which descend in one knot in area Balaklavy, here are added also unique military facilities.

In Sevastopol in a Soviet period had very good development clubs of bicycle tourism, for example club "Monsoon". Some pupils of these clubs could estimate in time prospects of a mountain cycle tourism, register travel companies, develop and advance tourist programs. So as a whole the region has not only set of routes, but also high enough degree of their development, including commercial programs. They can be different degree of comfort – from placing in the tents, which tourists take with themselves, to a luxe-class full board and support on a route jeeps.

In itself driving on mountain roads on jeeps also practises, especially tourist programs for divers (skin-divers), ъю=юЁ№ь  уюЁэ№х walks are recommended for the best dekompressii. The most beautiful and not especially easy road (in the top part absolutely washed away) conducts from the Bajdarsky valley in Belbeksky through pass Bichke. Because of its intricate form reminding well very swinish tail, pass name Kabanim.

In the Bajdarsky valley horse clubs and children's camps with training to riding are located some. Naturally, elementary horse walks are spent everywhere in parks and green zones at beaches.

In Balaklave and on Maksimovoj to a summer residence competitions on extreme downhill racing on mountain bicycles are held. Are spent as well competitions on the technician of bicycle tourism in the Soviet traditions.

Southern coast of Crimea (the Big Yalta and the West of Big Alushty) - the most difficult area because of the big differences of the heights, the limited visibility limits on mountain streamers and high density of habitation and resorts.

Frequently between the next valleys along seacoast it is impossible to pass - it is necessary to rise to South careful highway, and then again to go down. Even there, where roads like also are laid, on them the barriers protecting territories of health resorts or housing estates are established. So velomarshrutov not so it is a lot of variants: from South careful highway downwards to the sea through any of popular dvortsovo-park complexes.

Velospuski from highway to the sea come successfully to the end and supplemented with returning to a lodging for the night place by steam-ships of a South careful line. Such rings: a trolley bus (bus) - a bicycle - the steam-ship - it is possible to wind set round Yalta. For example, to go down through the Nikitsky botanical garden. But preliminary we recommend to examine the Nikitsky cleft. Through Gurzuf (about visiting of park of sanatorium "Gurzufsky" and an enthusiastic admiring on Adalary, the Genoa rock, Shalyapin's rock and an accurate profile of Bear-mountain).

Jugo-to the west Yalta any resort settlement - ancient palaces and the country houses surrounded with parks, the unique landscapes opening all new lines with each turn of a road streamer is interesting. Are most remarkable: the Gold beach at bottom of the Bottom Oreanda (the best on JUBK); cape Ah-todor with the Swallow's nest, the rests of the Roman fortress of Haraks (I - III centuries), a beacon and ancient park; Mishorsky park (descent from Koreiza), the Alupkinsky palace and park with stone chaos; in area Simeiza - mountain the Cat, rocks of the Miracle and the Swan Wing, fine park; at last at Forosa - a summer residence "Кхёёхыш" with ancient park. Above Forosa – the well-known church to which conducts besides new and the old highway quite accessible to a bicycle and, naturally, for a horse and motor transport.

Training a jeep-safari for teenagers is offered in the Yalta club "-рЁіхЁ".

And again the same lines, pack tracks and first coats serve for horse tourism. The best place for it are open spaces Ah-Petrinsky jajly, and the main centre of cultivation rysistyh the breeds, known is far outside of Crimea, the Yalta horse-racing club "-рЁіхЁ" is; (39 65 05). Here the international tourist programs are carried out some.

Imperial (Solar, Horizontal) a track – the queen of the Crimean mountain tracks. On an extent about 7 kilometres between an imperial palace in Livadii and a manor of Grand duke Alexander ¦ш§рщыютшёр   "Ah-todor" in Gaspre it is strengthened and arranged well. Now it is inaccessible to riding walks (for which it in the beginning of 20 centuries has been equipped). Bicyclists in May and during a summer season should be cautious because of a continuous stream of pedestrians. But in October there there are even mopeds.

Hire of mountain bicycles exists in Yalta (hotel "+Ёхрэфр" and some sanatoria, and also in the Quay centre). However, for some days to hire bicycles much more cheaply, and also to employ velogida in Simferopol.

On jajlu Ah-petri from settlement Mishor the rope-way is laid, it is ideal for fans of downhill racing. Having risen on a rope-way on a plateau, at once you receive a huge prize in ascent and possibility of remarkable and long descent to the Grand Canyon of Crimea and further - to cave cities. On the east (in the presence of the admission of the Crimean reserve, management is in Alushte) it is possible on the most beautiful Romanovsky highway by the Arbour of winds to pass on jajlam and to go down on virgin forests by the Kosmodemjanovsky monastery and a falls Golovkinsky in +ыѕ°=шэёъѕ¦  фюышэѕ.

In the presence of the admission it is possible to take great pleasure from driving on old riding Romanovsky road through the Crimean reserve. At southern borders of reserve it is possible to go for a drive, gaining height by a trolley bus to with. Grape - to a source Ah-jori. The Romanovsky road is strengthened by huge boulders and podsypana it is passed by rubble, however places only for very serious jeep. Among bicyclists frirajderov descent from Ah-jori to a line of Alushtinsky cross-country race is unusually popular. Also lines on slopes of Chatyrdaga are good – it is necessary to rise from Angarsk pass in the beginning on the Pear glade, and then it is a lot of variants downwards, to Rich.

Under Alushtoj the line for the minicross-country races, collecting the best racers of the former Union is equipped. Interesting routes are developed for jeeps and kvadrotsiklov (them the firm offers on hire at Alushtinsky KSS) a little enough. The same people will organise in May highway race on motorcycles on picturesque (and immortalised in a cult film "Caucasian captive") to a streamer from village the Lavender to Bottom Kutuzovke. For jeeps it is spent in the beginning of summer of Bach Demerdzhi – race on which commands from many countries gather.

Southeast coast of Crimea (the east of Big Alushta, Sudaksky area, Koktebel and Ordzhonikidze) - here mountains any more so densely rise to coast, and extensive valleys at the sea incorporate a beach strip over which in places it is possible to go.

On valleys of mountain small rivers or highway streamers it is possible to rise upwards, for example, to the well-known Valley of Ghosts or to falls of Dzhur-Dzhur. But easier, besides, to gain height on transport. Most cheaply (2 grivni!) by a trolley bus to Angarsk pass.

Jajla Karabi who towers over this coast, the most deserted place in Crimea, an abundance of karstic funnels gives to a landscape a lunar kind.

At Alushty perfect conditions for dert-dzhampinga, jumps on a bicycle through earthen springboards. The southern track from top of Demerdzhi deservedly is considered a cult line for frirajda, risky descent on abrupt impassability.

For a trip on a jeep the road from Belogorska through Kokasan on Privetnoe is very beautiful and difficult enough. In the top part it is washed absolutely away, and at descent to the sea many bridges on road are carried simply away by earth flows. In northern part of a way for rest some glades, in days of war were guerrilla bases are good. And at the sea between villages Privetnoe and Sea the remarkable camping is arranged at bottom of the Genoa tower the Choban-sack.

From here upwards on a small river Arpat valley it is possible to rise to village Zelenogore. In its picturesque vicinities it is possible to walk top with the present Dzhigits.

It is Already Belogorsky area well-known for the plateau of Karabi – one of the solitudes of Europe and, of course, unique possibilities for all kinds off road tourism. A little away from all tourist routes, but it is proud and it is pathos, the file Ak flaunts. Perhaps, the best in Europe a place for shootings of driving and tricks on impassability. Very effectively, but also it is safe enough.

Sudaksky area. Not bad also horse walks with conductors are variously presented. Short routes (but in military equipment of times of knights) are spent in the Genoa fortress. More distant walks with bathing on a wild beach spend to a bay of Kopsel.

On quay there is a hire of mountain bicycles of not so good level. The price - 20 griven at an o'clock or 100 griven a day, as everywhere at coast. Veloprovodnikov until recently was not. If to travel on a mountain bicycle serious and conductors, and rolling bicycles it is better to search for interest in Simferopol.

Feodosiya and Koktebel has old traditions of bicycle sports and tourism, and for quite some time now and a good command on an extreme mountain bicycle. There are equipped lines for an extreme daun hilla. It is necessary to search for the information on club bicycle sites more in detail, local veloekstremaly in commerce are not engaged, but keep the company to brothers on reason can.

In Koktebel there is a pair prokatov the mountain bicycles, one - absolutely worthless (avenue from a market to quay), another (on quay) - "-юьрэё". The price - 20 griven at an o'clock. In general bicyclists (both shossejniki, and gorniki) very much love local places. The best season March-April and September-October, during other time too dangerously fries the sun. Veloprovodnikov is not present.

Horse walks with conductors in vicinities of Koktebel and on wood roads of a file of Echki-dag Are organised.

At all popularity of Southern and Southeast coast, nevertheless, they strongly concede to the Southwest. It is too much intervention of the person in the nature, palaces alternate with the dumps, many the dirtied places, arise fences there where it was possible to pass earlier more and more. And the main thing biases too abrupt: upwards it is heavy, downwards it is terrible. For walking driving unequivocally anything is not present better Foothills, especially area of cave cities.

The Best time for travel - the first decade of May. However the Foothills are more preferable at this time than Southern coast, as in mountain lakes water already warm.

June is good everywhere in very long light afternoon, emptiness of beaches, pure both warm already by sea and the low prices. July and August I would recommend only for walks along coast, it was possible to bathe each half an hour. However, and the Foothills with its lakes and ponds (and also gardens) are completely not bad!

From September till November - conditions simply ideal for distant trips. Well and the winter, basically, does not create special obstacles (excepting Jajlu who is mortally dangerous in the winter). In each winter month (and in March) some days of disgusting crude weather or short, but rigid Crimean frosts with a penetrating northeast wind alternate with weeks of an excellent fair weather with temperatures to +20 degrees.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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Cartographical maintenance of mountaineering. Cards in hands, pedals in feet
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