Mountaineering and an extreme in Crimea  
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Mountain Crimea and JUBK
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Preparation for routes
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Active tourism and an extreme
· Foot tourism
· Rock-climbing
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· the Paraplanerism
· Extremes-games
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Foot tourism. Rocks and caves

In a Soviet period in Crimea it has been laid 6 all-Union tourist foot routes and set of the local. About 1 million person for a year passed mountain tracks. In a summer half of year the program usually consisted of 10 days of a campaign (it interrupted for rest on couple of days on a mountain camp site in Bakhchisarai or Falcon) and 10 days of rest on one of seaside camp sites of the Crimean council about tourism. Now the majority of these camp sites became very comfortable and expensive and accept basically those who comes on rest to the sea, and in mountains runs only into one-day excursions. Nevertheless present Joint-stock company "Крымтур" revives traditions of trade-union planned tourism, restores a network of mountain shelters and accepts already thousand tourists-peshehodnikov. Still bolshee the number of such tourists is accepted by numerous private concerns. Sevastopol is especially active in this respect. Independently tourist clubs of Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, otllichno knowing our peninsula, regularly letting out and the literature for tourists, and route charts work in Crimean mountains.

Practically everywhere fans of mountaineering are engaged in such business, routes are very various both on duration, and on comfort (from "wild" residing at tents with cooking on a fire to a walking variant when the backpack goes ahead of you in a jeep, and before a lodging for the night you are waited by a jacuzzi and a supper at a fireplace).

For installation of tents in Crimea not so many convenient places, and the most important thing - not all from them are resolved. In a mountain-wood zone of peninsula you will find the list of tourist parking in the end of this chapter. So the campaign can be made and it is independent.

In any case before a mountain campaign you are obliged to be registered in the Kontrolno-life-saving service. In the same place and the best possibility to enquire about reliability of travel company or tourist club which offer you the services. The Kontrolno-life-saving service is in Simferopol on Zoe Zhiltsovoj's street, 24, ph. 25-45-13, 25-31-58. On other cities - look in chapter 3. In the same place and the description of the most popular sights.

In general a route is better to begin with Foothills in Simferopol, Bakhchisarai, Belogorske or Old to Crimea. When you already disperse and will enter into the good form - to pass the Main ridge, well and for ecstasy go down from it directly to the sea. The gentleman's set of the tourist-peshehodnika necessarily includes:

  • cave cities, the Grand Canyon of Crimea, Ah-petri, falls Wuchang-sou, the Nikitsky cleft (Southwest Crimea - between Sevstopolem, Bakhchisarai and Yalta);

  • Aju-Dag, Mountain lake at Paragilmen, the Valley of Ghosts, falls of Dzhur-Dzhur, Karabi-jajlu, a New World, Karadag (Southern Coast);

  • as the culmination, an ascension on the western top of Chatyrdaga (Tent-mountain) - peak the Eklizi-breaker (Church cape), its height of 1525 m, is the best specific platform from which all Crimean peninsula opens. The modern syllable does not allow to estimate a local panorama on advantage, and we will pledge G.Moskvichu's word:“ The picture opening with Chatyrdaga does not give in to the description. Special, before yet not experienced, feelings cover all being of the contemplator, any mood is replaced by philosophically directed reflexions, any charm deprives of boldness to move a little, not to break a solemn stateliness, and it would be desirable to look and see - the further, the longer... And there, below, in the distance - all Crimea, fine, green, smelling sweet, caressing greens of the fields, attracting mystery of woods, and on the other hand the vast sea, with its eternal roar and goluboju a distance. Around the silence and any consciousness that there is no person who would be above you, and a life, with its small, every day cares and everyday squabbles before grandness of this picture departs far-far...” Here so was in the XX-th century beginning, the same feelings are awoken with Chatyrdag today, and it is healthy, because not all should vary, something should connect us with eternity. It would be desirable to hope, as in hundred years here will change nothing. By the way, the Eklizi-breaker (Sacred, Church, cape - recollect "ekliziast") is named so in honour of that since ancient times the Crimean Christians for the Trinity holiday (the first Sunday of June) gathered here from all peninsula.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

In addition on the given theme:

Hunting and fishing. Green tourism
Mountain bicycles, a jeep-safari, cross-country race, kvadrotsikly
Saddle horses and burros
Archaeological and military-search expeditions
Diving and aquatics
the Paraplanerism, parachuting and easy aircraft
Extremes-games (the roller fads, a skateboard, mauntinbord)
Winter sports (mountain skiing, a snowboard, a sledge)
Olympic bases and fitness clubs

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