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Mountain Crimea and JUBK
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the Card
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Alpininizm in its classical kind with eternal ice and discharged air of high mountains is not possible, but perfect conditions for rock-climbing - amateur and sports. Possibilities to expand and diversify loading to develop new receptions and to test new equipments are simply boundless.

For May holidays and in the autumn on rocks at settlement Foros the championships of Moscow on rock-climbing are usually spent. Known skalodromy are equipped taking into account the international requirements and with participation of world stars, for example, the French climbers. It is the Nikitsky cleft near to Yalta, mountain the Falcon at the Pike perch, Petrovsky rocks at Simferopol, rocks over the Red cave. They are good the universality – train here both children, and recognised masters.

Extent and technical difficulty of rocky routes - from the first to highest, sixth category of complexity, - does not concede to many climbing routes in mountains of the Western Europe.

Natural features of Crimea are that that ascensions can be made at any time year: in the winter - on the Angarsk wall of Chatyr-Daga, in the summer - on rocks of the Grand Canyon, and in the spring and in the spring - to submit rocks of Southern coast.

Cкалы the Grand Canyon - "a white stain" on the climber to a card of Crimea: here one route, and possibilities for rock-climbing big is laid only, and the rough surface of steep rocks causes at voshoditelej a particular interest for a lining of routes free lazaniem.

The steep mountain-ottorzhenets Krestovaja (Stavri) well-known among rock-climbers of all world dominates Over the western suburb of Yalta. Climber Michael Hergiani, "=шуЁ ёъры" a 90-metre steep rock passed for 5 minutes 5 seconds

Under the direction of instructors from the Kontrolno-life-saving service of Crimea, firm "Таласса", a turistsko-improving complex "Harbour" (Tarhankut), Sudaksky travelling agency and excursions pomerjatsja forces with a wall and to the full feel "spiderman" any interested person can.

the List of the rocky objects resolved for trainings, competitions and an ascension
(The data of the Crimean kontrolno-life-saving service)

East Crimea:

  • sk. Sjujurju * , sk. A frog * , m. of Alchak, sk. The serf, sk. Pavlan, the Falcon * , sk Sentry-both * , sk. Parsuk.

the Central Crimea:

  • sk. Gorges the Cornel-koba * , sk. Sjujurju * , ut. Sentry, sk. staroselja, sk. Natural boundaries the Snake Beam, sk. The Hangar-breaker.

Southern coast of Crimea:

  • sk. paragelmen * , sk. A red stone, Nikitsky rocks, sk. Krestovaja, sk. Alim, sk. An arbour, sk. A cat * , sk. Hergiani, a file wall Ah-petri * , sk. Shaan, the Alupkinsky wall, the Kastropolsky wall, the Forossky wall, sk. The Swan wing * .

Southwest Crimea:

  • sk. Iljas, sk. M. the Buzzard, sk. The Large sum * , sk. M. of Ajja * , sk. A sail, sk. Mshatka-Kajasy, sk. The Kilse-breaker, Morcheka, sk. Merdven, Spirady.

the Note: * - objects prirodno - reserved fund of Crimea

Speleoturizm in Crimea has initially been connected not only with sports, but also with scientific researches. In 60 - 70th years were annually investigated hundreds karstic cavities. Speleokluby were in essence powerful youth movement across all Soviet Union, first of all in the university centres. Underground experiments have given a huge material in the most different areas of a science: from tectonics and a hydrology to medicine and psychology.

Opening proceed and now - for example, scientists and students of Taurian national university have passed some more novel kilometres of the well-known Red caves (the general extent of 6 circles more than 16 km). But now in popularity of caves on the foreground there was not a length, and beauty. The cave Marble Chatyrdaga on a plateau, the first equipped for visiting by tourists, in 90th years is recognised by one of the most beautiful caves of the world. But the following work speleotsentra "+эшъё-=ѕЁ" - the cave of Emine-bair-hosar is shined and equipped even better! Unlike other regions to the equipment of caves are not applied a tractor and any technics and it is not accepted to move or supplement natural natechnoe furniture for bolshego effect.

The Obsidional well of Chufut-kale – new, but already very popular underground object of an artificial origin. It is impossible to name its opening sensation though data on its existence were considered as a legend. But the find of a treasure from hundreds gold coins became sensation! However, we will not take away glory from those who it is worthy. The matter is that search works in a well proceed. And those employees of firm "Onyx-round" who lead excursions, in inter-season period make opening. It not only is romantic, but also it is very heavy physically. So communicate and do not feel sorry for admiration!

For visiting of tourists are equipped also a near part of Red caves on Dolgorukovsky Jajle and the Three-eye cave on Ah-petri. All speleotsentry will be organised by special campaigns for siphons - the galleries filled in with water which should be overcome in aqualungs.

Skelsky it is known for the beauty for a long time, but only couple of years it is equipped for visiting of usual public back. The village Skelja (now Spring) is in the centre of the most beautiful Bajdarsky valley. If you have a rest in Sevastopol, its vicinities or in the western part of the Big Yalta, necessarily go to the Bajdarsky valley and a small river Uzundzha canyon. The places of tremendous beauty reminding Carpathians and Switzerland.

Among worthy events in the Crimean speleology it is possible to name children's international festivals on Chatyrdage, sports competitions on Karabi, competitions on underground orientation in Ak-Monajsky stone quarries. Their terms can be specified in any kontrolno-saving group (where you by all means should be registered!).

the List speleobektov, resolved for trainings and competitions
(the data of the Crimean kontrolno-life-saving service)


  • Parking: KSP "Ah-petri", t/b "Kichkine", mine Cascade.
  • Caves and mines: Vdovichenko, Friendship, Kamnepadnaja, Cascade, КЭ-31, Maksimovicha, Hope, Shepherd's, Sevastopol, Skelsky * , Sjujurju, Uzundzha, Ural, Empirical, the Chief, Kaskadnaja-2, Water, Spring, Mayakovsky, Zavalnaja.


  • Parking: glade MAN.
  • Caves: MAN, of O.Kopchinskogo.

Dolgorukovsky jajla

  • Parking: the item the Cornel-koba, a cave Pigeon, a cave the Failure, ur. CHelbash.
  • Caves and mines: Averkieva, Enisala-3 * , the Failure, Mar-Hosar, Red * , Alyoshin water, Lju-Hosar, Pigeon, Eva, Moscow.


  • Parking: the Meteorological station, the Shepherd-chokrak, mine Nahimovsky, mine Soldier's.
  • Caves and mines: B.Buzuluk * , Venta, Vizovsky, Gvozdetsky * , Geby, Friendship, the Penalty-agach-tutkel, the Penalty-murza, Krubera * , Crimean, КЭ-126, Youth * , the Monastery-chokrak * , Trade-union, Resonant, Soldier's * , Tissovaja * , КЭ-53, Veal, Dubljansky, the World * , Nahimovsky, Pastuhova, Snow, Student's, Shtativnaja, Live, the Fairy tale, Bojchuk, Disappointments, Komsomol, Narrow, КЭ-105, КЭ-109/701-3/, КЭ-59/701-1/, КЭ-55/707-6/, КЭ-70/708-5/, КЭ-80/712-21/.


  • Parking: a cave Marble, Barsuchja a glade, the Hunting grotto, a cave of Vjalova.
  • Caves and mines: Azimutnaja, Bottomless, Bull, Gugerdzhin, Oak, Landslide, the Hundred part, Togerik-Alan-Hosar, the Three-eye, Three-storyed, Uchunzhu, the Knight's move, Emine-Bair-Koba, the Butterfly, Jaras-Hasan, Engineering, Olenja-2, Pigeon, Anniversary, Treshchinnaja, КЭ-63/448-10/, КЭ-86/448-19/, КЭ-80/443-22/.

Karadagsky wood

  • Parking: the item Karadagsky wood.
  • Caves and mines: Lyre, Palassa, May Day.


  • Caves: the Ear of the Earth.

the Plateau of the Bajdarsky landslip

  • Caves: Bajdarsky, Bezzubnaja, Clay, Rattling, Chimney, Kozlova, Prickly, Ochkovaja, Educational.

the Note: * - objects of prirodno-reserved fund of Crimea

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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Foot tourism. Rocks and caves
Hunting and fishing. Green tourism
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Saddle horses and burros
Archaeological and military-search expeditions
Diving and aquatics
the Paraplanerism, parachuting and easy aircraft
Extremes-games (the roller fads, a skateboard, mauntinbord)
Winter sports (mountain skiing, a snowboard, a sledge)
Olympic bases and fitness clubs

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