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Hunting and fishing. Green tourism

Fishing villages – the new form of the organisation of productive leisure with very various set of services. Their basis, of course, zaryblennye reservoirs where experts conduct also top dressing fish molodi, and watch a specific variety. On entrance to Simferopol from the north on highway from Moscow and Kiev under the index "Fishing village" turn off to a picturesque pond, near to which a zoocorner, cosy wooden sruby, a magnificent Russian bath (however with a nonconventional huge cave and pool inside). Thus the prices in korchme quite moderated, typical for Simferopol.

I very much advise to Autotourists: do not hurry up to the sea, do not slip Simferopol. Especially, if you have done the big way. After 40 years especially, sharp change of climatic zones or time zones demands obligatory time for adaptation. Simferopol for this purpose approaches ideally, especially such specially created, start up also a little fantastic rural atmosphere.

In the Bakhchsarai area organizers of such business have shown not only a professional knowledge, but also humour, naming the complex - Black stones. Cheerful indexes "Fishing on Black stones" force to recollect at once a film "Diamond hand" where the promise "the biting will be such that the client will forget all on light" has really been executed. There are such indexes in village vicinities the Red Poppy. So if will be near to the cave cities of Eski-Kermen or Mangup, glance.

On the western suburb of small town Old Crimea is the House of the hunter. Even if you are indifferent to hunting, this simply remarkable, comfortable and romantic vacation spot and a lodging for the night. The picturesque first coat to an ancient Armenian monastery of Surb-hach and set of pleasant wood routes to Koktebel, Echki-dagu and the Pike perch from here conducts.

The Hunting country houses in the Bajdarsky valley, as a rule, expensive and magnificent. However, in rent hand over also summer residences easier. It is possible to find special bulletin boards in the Internet and in advance to be written off or phone to owners. However, do not accept any offers from private persons or firms on the hunting organisation. The licence for hunting can be only from state lesoohotnichej the organisations!

Depending on a season objects of hunting can be: the Crimean red deer, kosulja, muflon, a wild wild boar, a fox, a hare, a pheasant, natatorial game (a duck and others). In mountain small rivers and special ponds the trout is caught, there are also ponds with a mirror carp and other lake kinds.

Fishing at sea coast on tackle with one hook does not demand the special permission. In other cases it is necessary to address on the nearest life-saving station for licence purchase. By the way, in the same place it is possible to rent a boat or a boat and to receive the qualified help. In the Black and Azov seas many sea delicacies: a sturgeon, a flounder, a mullet, the bull-calfe, a jack mackerel, a mackerel, barabulja, kerchenskaja a herring, hamsa and other kinds of fishes, and from molluscs - a mussel and rapana. On all kinds, except the last there are seasonal restrictions or the interdictions connected with a reserved mode of water areas.

Green tourism – in such kind as it has developed in the Western Europe, in Crimea, despite all noise in a press about it and periodic international grants, has not taken root and hardly has any chances. First of all, because even in France green tourism all the same is better German peasants in Alsace are engaged. Russian and the more so the Soviet country life is inaccurate, ugly, unromantic. And now the Crimean village is ruined so that constant larceny – only an indispensable condition of a survival for adults and children.

Buying or renting houses, summer residences, country houses and other on a turn-key basis, tourists in Crimea face at all traditions of green European tourism. Therefore and not what for especially to strain, to recalculate sockets in rooms and to measure level of noise from kukarekanja as it is accepted in procedures of standardization of means of placing for green tourism.

At all of us another. And I would not began to compare - is better-is worse. Simply another. And, probably, always for the buyer or the tenant very personal. Someone has passed in the first mountain campaign on cave cities, someone is keen on Grinovsky romanticism of Old Crimea, someone is excited by mountain ranges Dolgorukovsky jajly or its pagan altars. The comfort, here, in general, can be rather Spartan though possibility to wash hot water in active tourism is obligatory every evening. Well it is fine. Actually, still early to argue - what golden mean between taiga zaimkami and Polynesian bungalows the ideal base for active tourism should occupy. The market will judge.

In Crimea already one hundred years own traditions of reception of tourists in a private sector develop. Even the western guidebooks know that such placing "at grandmothers" and how much it is good and favourable. I after two years of a life on JUBK, at last, have understood, this expression whence undertook. On grandmothers and women all life of resort cities and places keeps. Men quickly become an inveterate drunkard, without maintaining temptations of a resort life. And best of them simply do not maintain winter idleness and leave on earnings, coming back home only in holiday and already as health-resort visitors.

Before recent time in Mountain to Crimea the private sector with "grandmothers" was absent. But now it quickly develops.

30 years ago for the decision of a problem of congestion of a shore in Crimea the concept of deep placing having a rest has been offered. It was reduced to that new hotels and bases of rest were supposed to be built in picturesque vicinities of Bakhchisarai, Simferopol, Belogorska, Old Crimea, in mountain villages of Big Alushty and Sudaksky area.

In a season of 2004 quite unexpectedly deep placing was realised. However, already absolutely others – market mechanisms.

Along with acquisition of permits and rounds, tourists all over the world even more often prefer real estate purchase in places which most answer their representations about an earthly paradise. In Crimea last years very actively get sites under building, nedostroi and ready country houses, ellingi, and also usual rural houses and suburban summer residences not only citizens of Ukraine, but also Russia, Poland, Israel, Germany. Generally it is the former Soviet people, but, say, it is a lot of Poles and radical. The real estate get not only on the first line of sea coast where it costs the fabulous sums comparable to the most prestigious areas of the Mediterranean. As sites on either side of from South careful highway with its most beautiful kinds and natural evergreen vegetation are highly appreciated. Deep areas, among them the Bajdarsky valley between Sevastopol and Yalta which experts name the Crimean Switzerland are untwisted already and some. Here the whole small town was built by employees of the Moscow mayoralty led by Jury Luzhkov. Muscovites and a small mountain small village of Zelenogore in 10 km above magnificent beaches Sea (Sudaksky area), and even earlier - General above Solnechnogorsky (Big Alushta) have grown fond. The 10-kilometre zone of coast of the Bakhchsarai area, and also settlement district Scientific with the bottom villages Cool and Trudoljubovka too enters at the Moscow summer residents into a fashion.

Naturally, along with sale, tenancy for any terms - from hours till several years practises also. If with the real estate at coast work already very actively, with a wide choice, huge monetary turns and not bad put information for active tourism anybody, in essence, is not engaged in the real estate. I have faced it by summer residence search for a week for placing of bicycle group.

There's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip. Well-known, what even the same planting of Yalta, Alushty, Gurzuf have set of summer residences in area Perevalnogo and Marble. But till this season it and to a head could not come that these thrown places will be interesting to someone. And time to be engaged even in own summer residences during a summer season simply is not present. Meanwhile, along a trolleybus line all foothill zone in July-August, 2004 has been already requested under habitation rent. In 2005 of a summer residence already ordered in advance through the Internet.

The Tourists who have especially arrived on the cars, lodge and in Top Kutuzovke, and in Perevalnom. But here as the information carrier the line with its improbably dense stream of potential clients works.

For the sake of justice, I will mention that in Crimea the assistance Union to rural green tourism and thanks to it is created and the international help the ethnic centres of green tourism are created some:

  • (now Kolchigino of the Simferopol area) acquaints Kronental with traditions of German and Swiss colonists in Crimea;
  • Chernopole (Belogorsky area) active enough community of the Crimean Greeks;
  • At the White Rock (Belogorsky area) and at with. Radiant the centres of green tourism offer horse routes.

The Prices for a food and residing in such centres usually keep within 10-12 dollars a day.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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