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Mountain bicycles, a jeep-safari, cross-country race, kvadrotsikly

The Mountain bicycle and other fashionable ways odolenija mountain tracks is a separate pleasure in tourism and absolutely new possibilities. You easy pass mountain foot routes, but thus you have no need to load on yourselves products and bivuachnoe equipment - anyway, in Crimea. After all classical three-day routes are rather easy for laying in one day. Certainly on steep slopes speed with a bicycle the same, as on foot, however on descents a prize on time about the fivefold. Knowing the main feature of Crimean mountains - flat northern slope, it is possible to manage absolutely without steep slopes, but on southern abrupt descent to receive an adrenaline maximum.

Riding walks on the same routes are good that the horse absolutely easy and without visible pressure gets upwards.

Jeeps, krossovye motorcycles and kvadrotsikly, and also powerful enough mopeds on gornyhtropah also are good. It is possible to consider as their lack only that they suppress nature sounds. However the feeling of a unification with technics on a mountain track or full impassability is something especial.

Perhaps, I will not put on the first or second place any way of travel on mountain and steppe first coats. Let everyone will choose for itself(himself) the though Crimea, probably, will not give will put an end in this choice …

Uniqueness of Crimea for tourism on mountain tracks

The High system has started to develop in Crimea about 2.5 thousand years ago. It considerably distinguishes it from other regions of the former Soviet Union. In their majority of road have arisen in the Middle Ages, and then gradually improved and have turned to asphalt highways.

In Crimea during antique times, from the Iron Age beginning (8 centuries B.C.), nomad tribes kimmerijtsev and Scythians formed the network, and trading and military expeditions of Greeks-colonists - the.

All further history of peninsula (except for times of the Soviet isolation) was still defined by civilisations of the Mediterranean (Rome, Byzantium, the Venetian and Genoa republics, Ottomansky Port) and the Euroasian cultures (Sarmatians, goto-alany, Hazaria kaganat, the Gold horde, Russia and others).

Crimea was not only a province of the most different empires, but also the earth on which the state formations were generated many. Each epoch created the transport network, and each of them has left to us the thrown sites of roads in deserted, pervozdanno pure, picturesque places, with an abundance of natural and historical sights.

In the first centuries of our era Romans have paved through mountains military way (Via Militare), connected their garrisons in a fortress of Haraks (below Lastochkinogo of the Nest, the Big Yalta) and a bay of Symbols (present Balaklava). It is considered, what exactly this bay was described by the Homere in "+фшёёхх" telling about Lestrigonah. And the rests of the road are well visible above the well-known pass the Shaitan-merdven.

Addressing to ruins of the Soviet empire, we find out the multikilometer thrown runways for space shuttles, asphalt streamers of calcareous open-cast mines (on their cyclopean amphitheatres now act in film forums of aliens), labyrinths underground shtolen, boundless ranges where it is possible to arrange races on section cars-targets, and other "чр=хЁ ээ№х ьшЁ№". In many cases to them it is possible to get only on a mountain bicycle.

Mountain Crimea throughout all Middle Ages had more considerable, than now, population density and high marketability of agriculture and crafts. In those days there was a branched out network of the pack tracks, which most part then has lost economic sense and and has not been mastered for highway building.

To understand the main sense of the Crimean tourism on a mountain bicycle and in general travel without asphalt (off-road), it is enough to look at a card. From Sevastopol through Bakhchisarai, Simferopol and Old Crimea to Feodosiya three ridges of Crimean mountains were stretched.

Each of them has a steep southern slope and very flat northern. Strictly speaking, it not mountains, and the raised edge of the Scythian plate (the south of Russian plain) under which southern edge the plate of Black sea draws near.

At driving always there is a simple choice - short and heavy lifting about the south and then pleasant and safe descent to the north, or quiet lifting from the north and mad descent to the south.

The Main ridge - the most southern and the highest, its flat tops covered with meadow steppes, are lifted on the average on one thousand metres, slopes are covered by shady woods. An internal ridge with the well-known cave cities and the External ridge - form picturesque Foothills with wide mezhgrjadovym fall. On this fall the railway from Simferopol to Sevastopol and highway from Sevastopol to Feodosiya is laid.

ATTENTION : such route is most often mentioned in Internet inquiries, but it is dangerous both on ecological conditions, and on intensity of traffic. The most unpleasant winds in Crimea are northeast (bearing a cold of Siberia) and western (damp cyclones of Atlantic). In wide mezhgrjadovom fall from Sevastopol to Feodosiya, they, without meeting any obstacles, are dispersed till huge speeds and can blow off literally a bicycle from highway.

Pack tracks of the Middle Ages are ideally suited For a mountain bicycle in extensive space between the Main ridge (JAjloj) and the Internal ridge. They connected cave cities and seaside fortresses (behind passes Jajly) a dense network. In those days constant attacks of nomads did dangerous movement on bezlesnyh open spaces to the north of the Internal ridge.

From this network roads along river valleys are now asphalted only, but the majority of them not transit and rest against reserved woods, passing in the hunting tracks (for example, a riverhead of Bodrak). Transit roads through passes Jajly differ a low transport saturation, but are extremely picturesque. Therefore they are included in our routes (however ascent is provided on motor transport).

On Southern coast of Crimea we use the same ancient network of pack roads which passes directly over seacoast. Now it forms avenues of unique parks of monuments of landscape gardening art of 19 centuries (Karabakh, Rock-Karasansky, Massandrovsky, Livadijsky, Alupkinsky and others); sites of old South careful highway; quays; so-called "эшцэ¦¦ фюЁюуѕ" to the west of Yalta. In the pure state the pack track has remained in territory of reserve Cape Martjan between Nikita and Ah-danilem.

Thus, our routes allow to visit inaccessible to the mass public arriving by buses, a place. On foot our routes differ from movement by the dynamical rate, full dialogue with the nature and comfortable rest.

Off-road tourism and sports competitions (including on explaining the ground on mountain bicycles) develops very dynamically. Already extremes-marathons (them spends Simferopol KSS), Bach Demerdzhi (mountain race on jeeps), cross-country races became tradition.

the MOUNTAIN BICYCLE demands club style

The Most running goods in group of equipment for productive leisure here an eighth year is the mountain bicycle (MTB, mountain bike). Nevertheless, the most part of consumers receives for the some honeycombs griven only razmalevannuju a toy from water pipes and fragile plastic. We will try to spread out together a hard problem of a choice on some simple problems.

1. Whether It is necessary to buy a bicycle?

We Will begin what even "эхфюЁюушх ьрѕэ=шэсрщъш" on markets and in toy shops stand nearby 300 griven. These are absolutely considerable money for a bicycle on which probably very accurately to go on quay or round a sandbox during already one and if will carry also two, months.

Certainly, it is possible to run and into absolutely scanty price in 50-100 griven, buying at "юёхэі =юЁюя Ёхуюё " the subject any polnopodvesnyj "+=юь" with hydraulic disk brakes.

And on what it is possible to run, when it will be found out, what there is this bicycle, say, 2.5 thousand dollars, and, matter of course, is stolen?...

Well it is fine. You or your child very much would like a mountain bicycle. Answer itself:

  • there is a place for its storage (crude and unprotected premises do not suit);
  • Whether
  • there is a place for driving (for a city court yard better the skateboard or rollers, and on a highway is better not to be put);
  • Whether
  • there will be time for driving (many owners MTV with sad irony call themselves sect "тхыюёшяхфшё=№ the seventh фэ ").

You for yourselves would not receive What answers, in any case the purchase question is postponed, while you to the full have not experienced many different another's bicycles.

The Theoretical task: Interrogate 10 happy owners of mountain bicycles (however, it will be found out that are happy at all all). While you absolutely have no need to communicate with brisk sellers, feverishly to thumb through glossy catalogues or to blink before blinking of Internet sites, littering yourself brains with everyones "§рЁф-=Іщырьш" and other sickly daunami * . For the money you need to twist pedalki, to take pleasure and beautifully to look.

Ask questions to those who is shone by pleasure, sitting on a subject of your desires, together with that who the ljazganem and a gnash does not match exciting brightness of the chromeplated springs a little.

"Гр demand do not beat in эюё".

The Practical task: drive at least on 3 different bicycles. Certainly, fondly to count that strangers will entrust a mountain bicycle "ъЁѕцюъ яЁюър=эѕ=іё ". You after all not begin on a beach at a locker room to ask from somebody fusion "=юыіъю to plunge and эрчрф"? Ask a bicycle from familiar people, and the main thing – ask them for suggestions!

However, before driving still it is necessary to be in time weight of the useful:

  • try a bicycle on weight (in shop or in the market it is easy possible to hang 10-20 different models expensive and cheap). Inexpensive (from 900 griven) and already enough reliable mountain bicycles in a full complete set (including with a forward plug-shock-absorber) weigh from 9 to 15 kg.

If the frame is welded from usual water pipes the bicycle is heavier;

  • examine welded seams on a frame if they fragmentary, inaccurate - it quickly collapses.

Signs of a bad bicycle:

  1. the Abundance additional "яюыхчэ№§ тхЁшч": a handbag (with a disposable lightning), fljazhechka (from smelly plastic), bagazhnichek (on one nonrigid rack bending from steams of kg), dinamka (with wires which not only have not soldered, but even not proludili), and so on. If the true price of a bicycle 100 griven for the same sum on it can nasandalit any motley and brilliant stuff and it is joyful to sell all for 300 griven. For good bicycles everything that is not connected directly with movement (horns, wings, a flask and other) is on sale separately and steals up to taste of the buyer.

  2. Brilliant metal wings - are quite pertinent on a road bicycle, but on the mountain put only plastic that there was no risk to be wounded about them at falling. For the same reason on a mountain bicycle not krepjat a leg-support.

  3. the Horns which have been lifted up upwards, - a sign of inept assemblage. Even the good bicycle collected, say, by the loader from a toy shop, will quickly fail. Any bicycle arrives to a sale place in a flat box (wheels, pedals, sometimes - and a plug separately from a frame).

    On an assemblage place it is necessary to make very important adjustments: gear changes, brakes, a course of shock-absorbers. In veloklubah it do the presents velomehaniki (usually it in the past sportsmen). They necessarily make trial obkatku each collected bicycle, trying different modes. In toy shops or department stores it both nobody, and there is no place.

    But we will return to horns. As it is one of fashionable attributes, characteristic for MTV, its sense is clear only that who goes for a drive (and somersaults through a wheel that at trips on mountains is inevitable). Horns are put hardly above, than in parallel the earth, continuing an inclination of carrying out of a wheel (carrying out is a short pipe between a wheel and the top part of a plug). At falling through a horn wheel rest against the earth, protecting hands from blow. At difficult falling of a horn cover lateral end faces of a wheel so that possible blow on a body appears superficial and as though dispersed.

    At last, on horns it is convenient to shift brushes of hands on liftings and on safe sites to have a rest from brakes and in general to replace body position.

    Horns are not put in general on the curved wide wheel (more than 60 sm), there already protection function carry out wide lateral stoppers.

  4. Noise, a gnash, a scratch, ljazgane and other a little pleasant sounds at movement speak about self-destruction of the details, close failure both inevitable boljuchej and an insulting trauma.

Here we already also have saved some times till 15-20 griven. It is the standard price for hour hire of mountain bicycles. During driving on rolling bicycles it is necessary to deal with a question, whether purchase is necessary.

If some trips to year having spent for each of them from 30 (hire + training) to 80 griven (with a food are real for you and podvozom), you become the owner, let and time, but full, parnopedalnogo a racer of pure firm blood for 1.5-2.5 thousand griven, without burdening yourself thus neither leaving, nor a stable, sorry, storage, neither repair, nor road search.

Hire of bicycles is in Seve5st in Sowing, Yalta, Alushte, the Pike perch, Feodosiya - on quays. In Simferopol hire of mountain bicycles "MERIDA" is only for all day, but with the instructor and all for 30 griven. It is organised in Crimean veloklube.

Club style in hire of bicycles has following important advantages:

  • during selection of a bicycle you can communicate not only with velomehanikom and the instructor, but also to habitues of club, many of which solved recently for themselves the same questions, as you;
  • on a route you can ask about everything that it is really useful for you, trying each council in driving practice;
  • in club it is possible to look through both firm catalogues, and popular magazines. And advertising assurances of catalogues are no means always supported with enthusiastic responses of bicyclists;
  • unlike a market or department store where you are necessary to nobody and are not interesting neither to, nor after purchase, in club to you are always glad as the constant client.

Choosing for itself a bicycle, you choose a way of life: freedom, an open air, mountain adventures, meetings with the interesting people coming to Crimea from all over the world.

Well and the best bicycle is what you grow fond also which can be proud.

* hardtejl (a rigid tail, English) - a bicycle with the forward shock-absorber and a rigid frame;

** daun hill, or danhill (downwards from a hill, English) - downhill racing, a kind of competitions.

Some councils about selection of a bicycle for walking driving on low mountains (hire or purchase):

The Note: councils - not for sportsmen, and for beginners.

  1. Selection of a frame of a bicycle occurs on length of feet, as follows: the person throws a foot through a bicycle frame, on the earth becomes dense both soles. Between a frame and promezhnostju should pass freely a hand fist - for driving on park avenues and first coats among the hills, two fists for driving on mountain roads.

    For children of 10-12 years frames of 13-14 inches and a wheel – 24 inches are recommended; 12-14 years and women - 15-18 inches, for tall men - 22 inches and more, wheels of 26 inches. At movement basically on asphalt that for example, is possible in Southwest to Crimea, for men it is better so-called hybrids (шоссе+горы) with wheels of 28 inches.

  2. saddle Adjustment: for jumps and movement on strong a cross-country terrain - more low but that it was convenient to twist pedals, for extended routes - the foot should be straightened completely at pedalirovanii (sitting in a saddle it is possible to lean only against socks of both feet).

  3. Unlike a sports bicycle, a wheel at mauntin-bajka always above a saddle that the bicyclist had possibility to see far ahead of itself; on a wheel for driving on first coats it is better to put handles from foam rubber, they quickly wear out (it at the cheap price not terribly), but well soften small jolting.

  4. Pressure in tyres: for high-speed driving on highway - maximum (are not pressed through by strong pressing by all case), for long movement on a dirt road - an average (are slightly pressed through), for movement on beach adjournment, and also for some styles trjukovogo driving and jumps - low (are pressed through on a quarter).

  5. the Mountain bicycle does not demand force and especially sharp jerks, management occur without pressure of muscles easy work as fingers or cases; movement demands only equal work of muscles.

  6. Troganie from a place goes on averages or hill-climbing gears (the bicycles prepared for hire should be established on a small asterisk of rods).

Collecting people in group for bicycle travel at all do not forget about their individuality and physical restrictions. On foot go approximately with one speed, at travel by top or on jeeps all depends on speed of transport. On a bicycle of possibility at all different.

Recommendations about carrying out of bicycle routes

In Crimea the mountain cycle tourism is possible any complexity and for any age - from 8 and till 80 years. But not on any bicycle. Therefore the route follows podstrahovat skilled velomehanikami, working with bicycles MTV:

  • Simferopol (Crimean veloklub, street Caucasian 8, club Eks-conducted – Chekhov's 2 street, Velotsentr – Mayakovsky's street, a bicycle track at the Central market);
  • Yalta (shop Megasports on Quay);
  • Alushta (KSS, Lenin's street) '
  • Sevastopol (KSS, club "¦ѕёёюэ);
  • Bakhchisarai (KSS, 4 77 22).

Even several minutes it is enough hopelessly to spoil any bicycle because of incorrect debugging of mechanisms or errors at driving.

Councils a beginner veloturistam :

  • troganie from a place goes on averages or hill-climbing gears (the bicycles prepared for hire should be established on a small asterisk of rods);

  • during movement mainly upwards ahead the chain is on a small asterisk, behind on 1, 2, 3 big asterisks. At movement mainly downwards the chain ahead is on the big asterisk, behind on 5, 6 small. 7th and above to tourists is better not to use asterisks: the chain should be well tense, that did not dangle, yes there is a probability at the inept reference with a bicycle that it will cling for a frame or will come off. At average biases - a forward average asterisk and 3, 4, 5 transfers. It relieves a chain of warps and guarantees its long work and a smooth course of a bicycle. A gear change - only on one division and with a complete revolution of pedals. After the chain will lay down on new asterisks, it is necessary to get rid of a chain friction about edges of asterisks (extraneous sounds) easy moving of switches there-here. At lifting upwards it is necessary in advance will dump a chain on a small forward asterisk, to switch forward transfer under loading it is impossible. As a last resort it is necessary to turn aside or in a bottom and to be switched to a small forward asterisk without loading;

  • at any extraneous noise, vibration, a friction, any strangenesses with management, tourists should stop movement and address to the instructor; new bicycles, and also bicycles on which seldom go for a drive, it will demand adjustment of brakes and gearshifts because of a stretching of ropes is normal, and about it it is necessary to warn tourists;

  • in any case after the first 10 minutes of movement on a route the technical halt for additional adjustment of bicycles becomes.

  • all halts and stops become only after ascent that movement to continue downwards. On long liftings tourists can have a rest and earlier, but always faced to a valley. Sensation of the superiority, odolenija lifting and a beautiful kind forces and confidence always give.

Work as brakes. the Condition of brakes is checked on a place - absence of a friction kolodok about rims at the released brakes, soft action of forward brakes, fast and rigid action of back brakes. On quiet long descents work as slightly back brake, on abrupt descents drift of a bicycle from a back brake correct work of a forward brake. In no event it is impossible to press in the beginning on a forward brake (the bicyclist flies through a wheel).

Work as the case. the Technics of driving places emphasis on a mountain bicycle not for the speed and obtekaemost, and on instant reaction to complexities of a relief. Turns and jumps are carried out all over, quickly and softly. On wood tracks of an obstacle can be at the top of (branches) and below (stones, ruts, snags) simultaneously. Body landing sharply differs from a sports bicycle and provides the distant review, possibility to spring hands (elbows are placed in the parties), quickly to bend a head in case of danger from above.

At long descents on first coats, the saddle is lowered so that the case and hips hung over a back wheel.

At lifting on a ground the so-called technics "срыхЁшэ№" is not applied; (to rise over a saddle and last upwards it is possible only on asphalt). Shoulders are tightened upwards it is how much possible, but also the saddle does not remain without loading that the back wheel was not scrolled on rubble.

Position of feet on descents:

  • on smooth road one of feet has serially a rest (how much it probably, straighten it, opiraja on a pedal below, on a saddle it is possible to sit down slightly slantwise only on one buttock - such method of rest on a game was practised by soldiers of the Chingiz-khan); on streamers smoothly to enter into turn, the case bends to the circle centre, the pedal falls to the same party and the elbow can be exposed;

  • on difficult road both feet lean against pedals on the average (the highest for a road gleam) position, knees are drawn in to a bicycle frame, the body balances over a saddle, at any obstacle in road half-rising. For smooth occurrence in foot turn also lean against pedals on the average the position, all case bends to the turn centre, and the knee is in addition exposed to the centre, it is possible to expose both an elbow. An elbow and a knee it is possible "т№= эѕ=і" itself to a slope of wood road, if its centre in ruts or rubble.
  • ATTENTION: rubble is most dangerous on descents as does a bicycle absolutely uncontrollable, tyres lose coupling with a firm surface. Such sites should be gone round on a grass, a rocky monolith or the stamped rolled up ground.

Jumps through small obstacles (ruts, branches). Whenever possible ruts and stones go round. Through snags, branches and cross-section ruts it is necessary to jump, softly and quickly undermining a wheel and the case upwards. It is Enough to throw a forward wheel, back will pass by inertia. It is impossible to pass obstacles on slanting, only in a forehead (perpendicularly).

the group Organization . 2 instructors (conducting and closing, both with a communication facility) on group of 6-10 tourists are necessary. It is expedient to leaders to put the trainee, the closing should have first-aid set and a repair set. On each control point of a route (usually it is a specific platform for photographing and the excursion story) all group should gather with its full complement. The strongest participants of group can receive additional loading and pleasure from tehnichnogo drivings on slopes, dams of ponds, ravines, hillocks and other.

Equipment personal and group. That tourists received a true pleasure from a route, it is necessary personal things, equipment for a lodging for the night (and also, for example, for rock-climbing, diving, a paintball, etc.), a repair set to carry on a route on the car - simply to throw from one parking to another.

The Small personal first-aid set should be at each tourist. And also a flask with water, gloves, a helmet, goggles, for difficult routes - kneecaps and guards on a shin, nalokotniki and gloves. For tehnichnogo drivings (it is given-hill, dert-dzhamping, a slalom) also nalokotniki, armour-clad protection of a breast, plechej, backs and we send a ful-face.

Style of driving in a route choice. Naturally, not all are necessary in Crimea conducted-jumps over a precipice. We will conditionally divide tourists into four groups: 1) beginners, 2) the advanced fans (fitness), 3) sportsmen, 4) an extreme.

"-і¦ёэю-Ё¦ъчрёэѕ¦" we do not consider a category as mountain veloturistov. Usually they make an effort with the bags on the most loaded asphalt highways and are interested in someone's councils a little. The exception is made by only especially advanced "elks" who manage and with trunks on a bicycle to go for a drive on mountain tracks. But to extend their personal achievements in weights simply dangerously.

For beginners it is possible to advise in the conditions of Yalta, for example, walk on the Imperial track from Livadijsky park to Gaspry. Throughout 6.5 km it is almost horizontal. In Alushte it is a route to Rock. In Simferopol this driving on archaeological reserve Naples-Scythian, and also a route round the Simferopol water basin (a cycle of 15-20 km). From our base in Tau-Bodrak it is a route upwards on a small river valley to the Crimean reserve.

At once we will specify that possibilities of all tourists who have arrived on a route are not studied yet - all of them are considered as beginners. By an example of the Alpine mounting skiing resorts all tourists for the admission on a line of certain complexity should arrange tests (tests). The small sites, allowing to check up level both sports, and extremes-drivings, are on each of routes which we offer for beginners.

The Skilled instructor within one-two weeks can make for beginning accessible driving on pack tracks of Southern coast and Southwest Crimea, and also on dirt roads on Jajlah, on Tarhankute and on Kerch peninsula.

For sportsmen and advanced will be accessible (at serious instructor work) roads and tracks of all areas of a cycle tourism of Crimea. For example, lifting and descent on road (but not on a track!) on Mangup (583. Lifting from the north on a plateau of Karabi (height 900-1000) and descent by mountain Karatau to village General. Golitsyn's track in a New World under the Pike perch (not during a summer season!).

For tehnichnogo drivings it is possible to recommend a cross-country race and line line dert-dzhampinga at Alushty. For lifting and descent - the bottom (wood) part of a track from Angarsk pass (758 through the Pear glade to the Hangar-breaker (1360). Two more lines in vicinities of Sevastopol are recently arranged: a kilometre line for an extreme it is given hilla at Maksimovoj of a summer residence and a difficult three-kilometre line for cross-country-country at Balaklavy.

For shifted as (and can and in bolshej to a measure?) the instructor which qualification will allow to find for them, really, something extreme is necessary. For example, driving in catacombs or caves, a rocky trial, snow ascensions or dizzy (karkolomnye, speaking to a majestic speech) descents with differences of heights to 1.5 thousand metres on one-two ten kilometres of a line.

Examples of lines for the serious conducted-men (to women I simply would not recommend to get to this category) it is possible to consider a full line (lifting + descent) from Angarsk pass (758 to top of Chatyr-daga - peak the Eklizi-breaker (1527); descent on a track with Mangupa (lifting there simply is not real); lifting from the north from Simferopol on mountain Demerdzhi (1356) and then descent by the Valley of Reductions to the sea; lifting on a plateau Ah-petri (1234), and then descent - set of variants and towards the sea on a ridge of Iograf, and to big a canyon of Crimea (height from 500 m above sea level) here is possible.

For bajk-klajmbinga (the rocky conducted-acrobatics) in all its unrestrained power ideally (in full spiritual and pagan sense of this word) the Shaitan-merdven (the Devil's Ladder) approaches, to it the Kalendsky track from village Podgornoe at Bajdarsky gate conducts.

Remarkable feature of Crimea is possibility to dose out and complicate loading to any degree practically on all routes. Our lines in Foothills or in South careful parks can become complicated sites of rocks and abrupt slopes. Returning to already familiar sites will allow to use much more effectively inertia, exact work of the case, a mode pedalirovanija and transfers to put before itself more challenges and to receive bolshee pleasure.

Councils velogidam

On mountain bicycle routes there arrive the formed individualists who in no event (and furthermore for the money) will not listen to standard excursion texts as a part of casual group as it becomes in museums or on camp sites.

Work with the tourist should be based on acquaintance to it and, first of all, with its knowledge of Crimea and tourist experience in general. For example, Crimea in comparison with the countries of the Mediterranean possesses the best (on Russian taste) vegetation. Inhabitants of St.-Petersburg, also as well as inhabitants of the Western Europe, can be indifferent to South careful palaces and parks, but admire cave cities. The theme of space and the Soviet military technology is interesting to foreigners, well and so on. Actually here there are no standards, as bikers - the people not standard.

In the description of routes texts can be used with each concrete tourist only on 10%. The problem of the instructor to know all of 100%, but to choose for the tourist that will be interesting to it. It is necessary to lean against knowledge and personal experience of the tourist, to allow the tourist to participate actively in excursion by questions, personal observations and judgements.

Each of tourists in group has the "шэ¶юЁьрчшюээѕ¦" capacity and the style of driving. "-юё ь" arrived much and it is dangerous to go for a drive, it is necessary to give for this purpose additional possibility on each specific point. On our routes we name so control points where the group with its full complement should gather. Here the photo and a video shooting, the excursion story is conducted, technical and medical problems are solved. "Ишыюёю¶рь" it is possible to give many possibilities both to listen to you, and to be uttered, passing a route in the closing pair and talking on the move.

The Dinner and a supper also is the important part of excursion. It should be conducted in the French style, 1.5-2 hours, talking about the Crimean kitchen to its multinational components, about an ethnic history, wines, fruit, herbs, however avoiding problem themes and sharp judgements. At supper is better to discuss and plans next day, and also to give the chance to tourists to feel once again pleasure from itself native, obgovarivaja the best achievements and impressions of the last day.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

In addition on the given theme:

Foot tourism. Rocks and caves
Hunting and fishing. Green tourism
Saddle horses and burros
Archaeological and military-search expeditions
Diving and aquatics
the Paraplanerism, parachuting and easy aircraft
Extremes-games (the roller fads, a skateboard, mauntinbord)
Winter sports (mountain skiing, a snowboard, a sledge)
Olympic bases and fitness clubs

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