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Diving and aquatics

Everywhere, where there are moorings or simply brisk beaches, it is possible to make walk along picturesque coast or to the high sea to admire dolphins or to feed seagulls (a roll be reserved in advance then not to buy in a bar of the steam-ship chips under the threefold price). To employ a small private boat or the yacht is always more expensive, than simply to buy the ticket for the steam-ship. On moorings at cash desk the schedule of sea excursions is hung usually out, for example, such effective voyages as - a New World - the Pike perch are made by Alushta only once a week so write out to itself all possible variants and plan a trip in advance. Practically in each corner of Crimea there are superbeautiful sites of coast:

  • On Tarhankute - capes Big and Small Atlesh, rocks of Dzhangul.
  • At Sevastopol - city bays, the Balaklavsky bay, capes Fiolent, Ajja.
  • Southern coast of Crimea - all from Laspi to Koktebel, especially rocks of Simeiza, a rock of Gurzuf and Aju-dag, cape Plaka and the Bird's islands, a New World, the Pike perch, Meganom (a bay of Bugaz), Karadag.
  • the Azov coast - cape Kazantip (and in general all - from the basis of the Arabatsky arrow to Kerch strait).
  • Kerch strait - everything, but an especially Average plait.
  • the Black Sea coast of Kerch peninsula - cape Opuk and Rocks-ships.

Diving - immersing with an aqualung extremely fashionable now employment, the diving centres is practically everywhere, and also it is a lot of interesting flooded objects.

On peninsula four most widespread schools of diving are presented: FALL (PADI), KMAS (CMAS), NAUI (NAUI), SEDIP (CEDIP) and all basic directions "яюфтюфэюую ю=ф№§р": local diving, dajv-cruises, training schools, nurseries of camp with training to a scuba diving. In each region of Crimea and the beginner, and the skilled diver will necessarily see something interesting. Multiplane reliefs and landscapes of a sea-bottom, a consequence of tectonic breaks and eruptions of volcanoes, emissions of a jasper, onyx, agate, other beautiful stones …

Navigation in Crimea has multithousand-year history, therefore on different depths and with different degree of safety it is possible to find out the diversified subjects, effective "ЁІъш" ("wrecks" - fragments of wrecks, sunken wrecks). On cape Tarhankut, for example, researchers are waited by the transport torpedoed in 1943 "-юыую--юэ" and exclusive "+ыых  тюцфхщ" consisting of small sculptures of leaders of Marxism-Leninism, and from last finds - the military plane of the Belgian manufacture.

On cape Ajja of the diver the original beauty of crevices, bends, grottoes in rocky walls, around a river Kachi mouth - remains of the English sailing vessel which was lost during a storm of 1854 expects.

In the Laspinsky bay the tourist will see freakish rocks - a sphinx, a figure of the mermaid, an armour of a turtle …

On Southern coast immersings around rocks of Adalary in Gurzuf and on Aju-dage, near the Swallow's nest, in grottoes and cape caves Ah-todor are good.

The Unforgettable impression leaves a sea-bottom in East to Crimea - in water area of reserve the Penalty-dag, on cape Meganom, in New World bays.

The Certificated instructors from firms "+ътрьрЁшэ" (Balaklava), "Мэшюэ--Ё№ь" (Yalta), "Мэшъюэ--рщтхЁё" (Sevastopol) are ready to train and show to all interested persons of beauty of Black sea. On base "+=трцэ№щ" (Pike perch) well, in some steps, training of children is put.

A little independently there is a service which is offered by firm "Рърщыхё". An operated sea bed vehicle "+ьрЁ" gives the chance to any person to plunge without special equipment on any depths and to observe a sea life through windows.

Water entertainments and sports. On the majority of the Crimean beaches, sometimes in the most unexpected places, but more often near to ports, moorings, yacht-clubs and life-saving stations to you with pleasure (for moderated or nemerjannuju, depending on a season and a competition sharpness, the payment) will be offered by hire or the freight: motor-hang-gliders and the balloons, one- and double (with the pilot-instructor) paraplanes, yachts, boats, water motorcycles, sailing boards, boats, water bicycles, diving equipment and even deep-water bathyscaphes. You can tow behind a boat on a paraplane, a water ski or on an inflatable plotike-banana. The majority of them also demand good force and endurance, and we will tell, driving on a sailing board also strong nerves because first three hours of training you should flounder about in water, receiving preliminary on a head a sail moreover and after the foot will be pinched by a mast dangling extensively. And still, when you will feel, as the sailing board responds on the slightest movement of your body, the sail is filled with a wind, and the mast suddenly becomes an axis round which you easily inclining a foot manoeuvre a board - you of zauvazhaete!

If it will want posnimat coast on a videocamera, is better to make it from a water bicycle, and is the smartest from a sailing catamaran or from above from a motor-hang-glider. Though all these entertainments are not so difficult in management, and instructing is usually reduced to several minutes, all the same about sails, parachutes, vodno-motor or diving business it is better to read something houses (or to talk to experts).

The Water motorcycle (a hydrocycle, akvabajk), certainly, most hazardous entertainment, with the fullest sensation of open space, speed and freedom. In management differs from a usual motorcycle a little, but gives much more abrupt bends and starts. On water motorcycles with the displaced centre of gravity it is possible to dive under water and then with force "т№яѕыштр=іё " upwards. It is important to consider force and a direction of waves and to remember that blows about water can be at great speed more sick and more dangerous, than about asphalt. And one more nuance - to a water motorcycle it is necessary to be fastened. As on all water pleasures, the life jacket is obligatory and the diving suit is desirable.

The Coastal water area of sea of Azov uses the old and deserved respect among fans and professionals of water kinds of sports: surfing (driving on a sailing board) and kajt-surfing (driving on a board after a kite). Under the statement of experts, here waves and a wind create possibilities for the driving, coasts of Atlantic ocean close to conditions. Festival Kazantip-sports (not to confuse to festival of electronic music which is spent in with. popovka Saksky area) it is considered the central event in serfovoj to party of Russia and other CIS countries.

For anybody a secret that all beach entertainments serve in the reliable way - for the man to prove to be dashing, hazardous, brave, but the careful gentleman, and for the lady - in plenty navizzhatsja and poprizhimatsja to strong and more and more desired body. Resort flirtation from a XIX-th century was an ornament of a spiritual life on our resorts.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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