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Mountain Crimea and JUBK
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Extremes-games (the roller fads, a skateboard, mauntinbord)

(At participation - Konstantin and Anastasii Rusanovyh)

Tourism of scooters and every possible borderov is not in the world such a novelty. And anybody from ekstremalov should not be convinced that the monument to Lenin in Yalta is so sacred place in world youth movement, as Quay Seny in Paris or Majdan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev. But as this book about Mountain Crimea, city parties ekstremalov only we will designate as a place for acquaintance to possible fellow travellers on mountain routes. At once we will warn what to go on them it is necessary only with local conductors, it is desirable adult enough and cautious.

Places for driving and meetings . Specially equipped platforms for an extreme are meanwhile in Evpatoria and Simferopol, in other cities it is necessary to look for simply equal covering. In Crimea it is serious enough problem. But there are some national signs:

  • in all seaside cities and settlements the best covering on quays (but in the evenings usually it is a lot of people);
  • usually very quite good covering and a considerable quantity of steps and sides on monuments, especially to Lenin, and near to official bodies. Even on any central manor of collective farm to you can carry on the company, and in settlements it is almost guaranteed.

Usually, by search and a choice of a route of driving, it is necessary to pay attention to following characteristics

  1. (main) quality of a covering;
  2. congestion pedestrians;
  3. presence/absence of transitions (under/over) terrestrial, svetofornyh;
  4. throughput (roughly speaking, width), including the parked cars, and that in the centre: sidewalks excellent, only narrow and on them cars are parked;
  5. presence of unpleasant places (I will repeat, but! Necessary underground transitions when without them it is impossible to pass further, any viaducts, descents or lifting on which are represented by difficulty, it is possible here ways of the detour, any ruptures of a covering, presence of bitumen sites and t.

the Basic places of driving in Crimea:

Simferopol. Skejt-park "Крсых=ър". A stop the Kuibyshev market (тр.2,6 from station). A covering the polished concrete. The stritovoe equipment both for beginners, and for the advanced. Here always it is possible to learn, where it is possible to drive both in Simfi, and across Crimea. Individual lessons on aggressive, fitnes, slalom are conducted. In the summer students who study in the USA, Israel and other countries here gather. Many of them have cars and even jeeps so not a problem to go to mountains. Besides, in a warm season scooters and skejtery gather near a monument to Lenin in city centre. The covering, unfortunately, a small tile, but is steps, parapets, sides for sliding - in general everything that is necessary for cheerful driving.

Evpatoria. Skejt-park "Ирэсюъё". Park of a name of Frunze (at a city beach). A covering - the polished concrete. The stritovoe equipment, the truth, more convenient for skejterov. Hire of rollers, training.

Yalta. the Monument to Lenin on quay. A covering - marble on a monument, nearby good asphalt. Small sides and steps, long enough quay with the magnificent polished granite. Here it is a lot of visitors, including adult both solid djadek and charming stylish aunts.

Gurzuf - extraordinary abrupt and twisted small streets of an old part of settlement are recently smoothly asphalted. Here driving can be very dashing and dangerous. Demands good protection and confident skill of high-speed mountain descent. NOT FOR ALL and NOT During the SEASON! The quay is laid out by smooth plates. Here in second half of May - June it is possible to combine really bathing in the sea and run on rollers. July, August and September should be passed, and in October again open space.

Sevastopol. Seaside parkway (Primak). A covering - asphalt. The equipment - sometimes pair of springboards (if are not broken). The thrown dance pavilion on street Mine 4. A covering - the good polished concrete. The equipment - rails for slides and any stuff.

Alushta - quay (Lenin's street) at post office and Quay of the Professorial corner (7 km - the longest on JUBK!). Very smooth asphalt between "the Crimean Riviera" and "the Crimean dawns". The equipped platform for driving - sanatorium "Gold ear".

the Pike perch - Quay. Except for July and August it is possible to run about or be engaged in a slalom quite pleasantly and safely.

Feodosiya - Quay and Seaside park, besides - only run and a slalom and only, when having very little a rest.

Hire . Hire points while are extended poorly enough and not always offer qualitative rollers. Therefore to begin with look at those who already took rollers - whether really they go or is simple in them run. If rollers go, take an interest about protection - on mountain descent kneecaps and gloves will necessarily be necessary, differently you risk to finish rest in traumatology.

the General scheme of a choice of a route and safety requirement

Routes for fans of long run on rollers in Crimea are not so various (good asphalt, moreover and without transport not so it is a lot of). Nevertheless unique sensations run in huge military airdromes empty nowadays, and also excellent career roads to Foothills (for example gives, vicinities with. Rocky between Simferopol and Bakhchisarai). South careful streamers give in general mad adrenaline. However without a local conductor I do not advise to go to a way and especially from mountain. Sites of good asphalt and a large quantity of picturesque kinds can be found on Southern coast of Crimea, beginning Gurzuf and finishing Forosom.

(On lyzherollerah) for preparation for mountain competitions I observed Trainings of skiers on Ah-petri at a space observatory on Bedene-kyr.

Optimum time for trips on rollers in Crimea is the spring and second half of autumn. First, in the street any more so hot as in the summer, and secondly, lines are more poorly loaded by cars. The best variant - if a small column of scooters is accompanied by the car or a minibus: in it it is possible to throw things to slide "with light baggage", in it it is possible to hide in case of a bad weather, and also it is very convenient to remove all event from it on video the chamber.

For driving directly on slopes of Crimean mountains it is necessary to have type rollers off-road, for example Roces Big Cat. There are they more expensively, but also impressions of mad descents on the Crimean impassability differ from primitive driving on asphalt or a stage.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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