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Winter sports (mountain skiing, a snowboard, a sledge)

The Best Crimean health resorts are attractive also in the winter. If in them there are swimming pools with the warmed-up sea water winter rest becomes very interesting, sated not only excursions and entertainments, games to platforms, in sports halls and parks, but also improving physical employment in pool. But all it will be only pity parody to summer holiday without the present winter sports which will open for you not only a fantastic combination of the North and the South. Your sensations from improbable change of emotions and the muscular pleasure, born by single combat with White Silence, will force to estimate an elitism of winter rest for ever.

During that time when at coast grey and black colour of naked branches reigns, only on JUBK fairly added dark greens of cypresses and other exotic when superfluous heat at all does not please, and in a combination to a sea draught and does not heat especially when nudit the small zimne-Crimean rain, - all the same is also the present winter with white fluffy snow, frosty cleanest air, bright and in a southern way the blue sky. It reigns in mountains, the above, the longer, but times navedyvaetsja and downwards. When on days-two and when and on couple of months, loading even palm trees with huge white caps. Abrupt South careful descents in many places turn in dashing sanochnye lines.

The Sledge and everything that is similar to them: plastic boards, ledjanki (plastic sitting with one handle ahead), polyethylene and cardboard pieces is, of course, the most mass shells for the period of visits of winter. Downhill racing - hazardous, cheerful employment both for children, and for parents. The various relief of Crimea opens the ample opportunities for any types of sledge and for any age. The main thing not to miss snow, to go for a drive this very day as it will drop out. Parks, squares, descents, streets on which the traffic is forbidden - for a sledge quite will approach, it is necessary to be convinced only that occurrence of transport in descent is excluded. It is impossible to allow for children to move down a head forward, lying on a stomach. Such pose is fraught with dangerous traumas of a skull and cervical vertebras. At lifting it is necessary to keep the right party, not to run across a line, and a sledge to carry on a short lead, without releasing far back as they can appear on a line and prevent another.

On long descents always there is somebody with heavy steel sledge. Even to look at how they knock out sparks from stones leaving through rolled snow, - the spirit grasps. At such speeds it is necessary to be attentive and dexterous. At falling or drift at once to release a line: first of all most, and then, having looked round, to clean and sledge.

It is possible to move down From short abrupt descents on inner tubes. Formation of snezhno-ice hillocks on such lines at all does not disturb. More likely on the contrary - sensations become aggravated. The chamber is drawn in the centre by a strong rope, then turns around from below a polyethylene film. Such device rushes downwards huge jumps, writing out the most improbable trajectory, therefore the line should be always free, and horsemen are well protected from falling.

But, of course, snow on ЮБK and in Crimea in general the visitor casual. The best places for winter sports - Angarsk pass, the Bottom plateau of Chatyrdaga and Ah-Petrinsky jajla. On the first place it is easier to reach.

Angarsk pass

In 30 km from Simferopol and 12 km from Alushty the Main ridge of Crimean mountains the Angarsk pass (cuts 752 m above sea level). Snow (30-50 sm) here is good for winter sports and rest since January prior to the beginning of March. Any transport, including a trolley bus, here there arrive thousand people. Separate lines are equipped for sledge and snow-scooters, ledjanok and inner tubes, even for fans of the most dashing descent - on a polyethylene film. For it is mountain-skiers (to it from a meteorological station it is necessary to go to the right) it is equipped two turns bugelnogo the lift on 600 m, difference of heights of 450 m. the First stage - for skiers of middle class, but interesting and very picturesque. The second is already pure adrenaline: rocky ledges, century beeches, but air and open space simply force to fly! Only the equipment and ability are for this purpose necessary. The mountain-skiing school, hire of every possible sledge and skis, driving on sledge behind a snowmobile, delivery and excursions for groups, and the most important thing - kontrolno-life-saving service watch is organised. Ph. In Alushte (06560 3-50-10.

the Bottom plateau of Chatyrdaga

It is possible to Get here from a trolleybus line Simferopol-Alushta, turn on village Marble and further under indexes – “a cave Marble”. As a matter of fact, mountain-skiing lines with lifts, cafe, toilets, comfortable carriages for a lodging for the night and other service makes a single whole with caves. All it is equipped spelotsentrom "Onyx-round". However, snow happens no means always. Usually good conditions for driving in February and March.


It is a bit more difficult to reach on a plateau Ah-petri over Yalta, but snow there happens to one and a half metres, and it lies quite often to the middle of April. Directly at a meteorological station from the Yalta entrance it is equipped bugelnyj the lift, and the slope is very good for beginners. Above infinite white hills on which and the Canadian woodcutter with pleasure sends on errands on a snowmobile. Special pleasure ski-joring: the ten skiers clings to a towing sheaf and rush behind a snowmobile on decent speed. Well and kuvyrknutsja during the cleanest fluffy snow on a dashing bend - only pleasure. On snowmobiles usually go to several lifts for the advanced skiers. Here even competitions on ski freestyle are held.

On Ah-petri - the open space, white fields and hills, how many covers a sight. Snow in mountains, collecting since December, holds out till April. The best time for driving - February - March when capacity of snow reaches metre, and even ones and a half (the ski stick without a ring fails on a handle), from above snow is condensed, and the ice crust well holds skis.

As to running skis slopes in southwest to Crimea here are especially good. In the early sixties the last century the group of enthusiasts even has made in these parts a ski campaign lasting many days. Excellent base for fans of skis and other winter entertainments is the turistsko-improving complex "+Ёышэ№щ чрых=". Slopes of neighbouring mountains - Smartly, Ah-petri, - are very good for drivings.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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