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Olympic bases and fitness clubs

Crimea long since was base for preparation of sportsmen of all Soviet Union for Olympic games, therefore in former years the set of unique sports constructions and schools of an Olympic reserve is constructed. Many of them, for example, Alushtinsky Olympic base "РярЁ=ръ" (the best and the most popular in Ukraine), the Yalta base "+трэурЁф" yacht-clubs in Sevastopol, give to Evpatoria and now excellent possibilities for trainings and rest of sportsmen: athletes, bicyclists, football players, and it is final, for various kinds sailing and aquatics, diving.

The Most sated with various sport constructions, as a whole, is the Pike perch and if to tell to a departmental sign - that health resorts of power structures (the Ministry of Defence and others).

Football grounds for gathering and trainings exist in Simferopol, state farm of Frunze at the sea (Saksky area), Perevalnom, Alushte, Kutuzovke, Yalta, Bakhchisarai, Novopavlovke, Vilino, Sevastopol, Kerch, Armjanske.

Tennis courts exist the most different level, both for the international tournaments, and for amateur employment, for example, at many health resorts ("-хтр" in Alushte) and the big hotels ("Їы=р"). Remarkably, when they are located in ancient parks, for example in Massandrovsky in Yalta or park of the Center of children's creativity in Alushte.

Halls of training apparatus and fitness clubs - are very popular and extended in all cities and large settlements, there are constant groups and hourly payment. At the big hotels and camp sites there are halls of training apparatus and is frequent small towns of training apparatus in parks. In sanatoria training apparatus - a part of the improving and medical program. It is successfully supplemented with various kinds of massage, the Finnish sauna, and sometimes and Russian bath. Baths and saunas for the small companies (4-10 persons) with premises for rest and meal are usual at hotels, camp sites and sport centres.

It is very popular and povsemesten (even in mountain villages) a pool, Russian and American. Commercial tournaments are spent in Alushte - boarding house "-Ё№ьёъшх чюЁш".

The Big bowling-centres is constructed in Yalta, Alushte, Simferopol, and Evpatoria, directly the beach has a summer bowling.

The platform First in Crimea for minigolf is equipped in Massandrovsky park near to hotel "Массандра". The training field first in the country for a golf (with a difficult relief and very picturesque vicinities) is recently arranged in vicinities of the well-known Red caves at village Zarechnoe (to the south of Simferopol). To go on a trolleybus line and then under the index "Red caves" about 3 km. Having caught sight of cafe, stables and other buildings, to look without reaching them on the right the index "Crimean federation of a golf".

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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Foot tourism. Rocks and caves
Hunting and fishing. Green tourism
Mountain bicycles, a jeep-safari, cross-country race, kvadrotsikly
Saddle horses and burros
Archaeological and military-search expeditions
Diving and aquatics
the Paraplanerism, parachuting and easy aircraft
Extremes-games (the roller fads, a skateboard, mauntinbord)
Winter sports (mountain skiing, a snowboard, a sledge)

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