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Fighting arts, esoterics, yoga, pilgrimage, force places

In the Summer clubs of fighting arts and east spiritual doctrines from many countries practise in mountains - among the pure nature, near to sacred places from an antiquity, known for the is inexplicable powerful power. It for example, a plateau of Chatyrdaga, a vicinity of Red caves, Mangup, a bay of Laspi, park of the Center of children's creativity in Alushte, Karabah.

The International tournaments on boxing and fighting arts are spent in Simferopol, Sevastopol and Feodosiya where halls correspond to the international requirements.

Many tourist clubs and firms are engaged in Ezoterichesky tourism. However their activity, in particular, on popularisation certain "underground pyramids" and to development of own religious systems is too far from my understanding. On the Internet there are specialised sites and conferences.

We Will remind only, as for such campaigns in mountains it is necessary to be registered by a kontrolno-life-saving service. As a simple example of a route in one of popular places of force I will result a route accessible both without registration, and without special preparation.

Vodopad Suuchhan

It is simple absolutely a route - 4 km on the east from a trolleybus line Simferopol-Alushta. On asphalt road (here it is possible and to run on rollers) to Red caves. Who does not like asphalt - along small river there is broken in due time tanks and beteerami a first coat with eternal pools. Well and journey variants any, including from outside Dolgorukovsky jajly. On several spurs smoothly going down it conduct tracks. Thanking bezlesnym to slopes they are visible from apart and almost from different directions.

There are falls on the small river the Cornel-koba following from Red caves. More precisely there it is a lot of cascades and falls. For myself I translate the name of Suuchhan as the Owner of three waters. The khan in general, it can be and an inn that too in the past is quite possible, through this place pass some ancient pack tracks.

There was such song "Uch-kuduk – three wells …" Well and here: a sou - water, uch - three. The biggest stream - the Cornel-koba, it turns out from the north, in the middle - Alyoshin the water following also from a cave on picturesque gorge.

Well and the third - on enough flat beam - from springs below the former village Kuchjuk-Jankoj burnt by fascists.

The Spacious glades, alternating thickets (among them the tremendous size and taste teren and the run wild plum), the old run wild apple-trees, huge trees of a walnut. In 1993 I have shown these places to the director of the Yalta teenage centre and we have spent the first sortie of children's collectives of the centre. And then here began to spend May scout dzhembori (meetings), now the largest in Ukraine. On some glades adherents and inventors of various neopagan cults suit magic figures from stones. Please, do not assort them. If stones for a fire or a brazier, are necessary to you:

  1. take advantage old kostrishchami,
  2. better simply to lay the hunting sausages on a flat stone and quickly and is tasty to fry, having poured preliminary spirit, and in general
  3. a special lack of stones here it is not observed.

Near to falls now it is possible to spend the night in tents with burzhujkami. This camp suited the centre of oriental combat sports located nearby in village Zarechnoe.

Any falls, certainly, possess special power. It something like earth crust nerve ganglions, after all any river was put over an earth crust break, and there where water breaks sharply downwards, across it passes one more break. During earthquakes in such places there is a dump of the pressure which have collected in earth crust. Filling of water basins, a devastation of open-cast mines and mines, accumulation of deposits in pojmah the rivers constantly change balance. But on rigid sites of a bark balance restoration occurs catastrophically, to huge destructions. And here falls or grandiose springs (as Ah-jori over Alushtoj), pulled out on the whole tunnels from unknown depths - they calm the Earth-mother continuously and softly. To people (and to plants) this energy precisely goes on advantage. Water usually has temperature nearby +10 (in the summer hardly more, in the winter hardly it it is less), the wind does not happen. At a frost stones become covered by beautiful scallops, icicles, drapirovkamiyo but water has not time to cool down. In cold weather for feet it is necessary to take felt.

One more moment - air on falls as it also should be, is very sated by ions. It strengthens alcohol action, therefore anything is stronger some cahors wine or madery it is not necessary to drink.

So kind energy, out of doubt possesses cape Kazantip . Near to it, on a beach of base the Lavender already many years gather yogas which practise the Tantra (including a steam room) and a naturism in the summer. With traditional morals such exercises can shock people only. But besides – Kazantip, a place spacious and not especially crowded. If not to disturb each other everyone can communicate with world reason on the.

Christian pilgrim rounds are spent on many relics of Crimea, on cave monasteries and ancient temples. For quite some time now Simferopol became a place where thousand pilgrims from every corner of the globe to hallows Sacred Onions (Vojno-Jasenetsky) are flown down. Popularity of scientifically-theological conferences which are spent in the Top Lovsky female monastery (Belogorsky area) is connected With a name of this remarkable surgeon, the public and church figure also. The set of practising doctors participates In them from many countries of the world also.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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