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Role games and historical fencing. A paintball and military tourism

The Abundance of romantic ruins and rich military history involve fans of role games and historical fencing to Crimea. In the Sudaksky Genoa fortress in July passes the big international tournament on historical fencing, representations then are arranged each days off all the August long.

Actions for the suit different clubs. The big role games with battles in the Crimson stream at are well-known enough with. perevalnogo. In a wood thick something is arranged like a fortress which the besieging fire from a catapult. During game couple of weeks it is possible to please and in paws to robbers, or to be spent on drink and lost in korchme so you will sell in slavery. And it is possible to find a treasure and in a flash to become rich and dear medieval pepper. All can be and a little that it is possible to foresee. In what, actually and a game charm. Besides, the community rolevikov conducts a rough and substantial virtual life so search for specialised sites in the Internet.

Military events in Crimea have left after themselves improbable quantity of interesting objects of tourism. Most ancient of them is the confidential list on a rock (it appears only if you know, in what place of rocky breakage to splash water). On it battle of several local tribes is embodied (very stylish three at the left have above remained from positions of modern design of a graphic symbol – patrimonial signs, at Turkis they are called "tamga") with certain newcomers. Probably, it were the Roman legions. Anyway, in the centre of camp of newcomers difficult enough sign reminding Roman shtandart on a direct staff with a crossbeam (is represented by the tablet?). Over it something like the Roman eagle, and more low – delfinchik (?).

More authentic is the victory local over Romans from which there was a big treasure in a sanctuary of Tauris with the well-known Arbour of winds on jajle over Gurzuf. Fortresses of Byzantines and genoeses, strengthenings of Turks and Russian, the military technology of the Crimean war and two world wars – all is a lot of it. Modern events - "§юыюфэр  тющэр" opposition of two great powers, - on the Crimean earth many objects also have left. One of the most interesting - the only thing in the world an underground refuge for submarines in Balaklave. Another – the biggest in the world a springboard for training … - deck aircraft. It is located on range the THREAD hardly to the south of the city of Saki.

Crimea knowingly named "эхяю=юяы хь№ь ртшрэюёчхь". The local military infrastructure was developed by the best minds of the USSR. Now many objects became accessible to visiting by the tourists, wishing to test on itself "= ую=№ and ыш°хэш " military service. It is a question not only of exotic service for rich. Military pilots of the countries of the NATO have good pensions and with pleasure spend 10-15 thousand dollars to do some flying on the well-known Soviet fighters the INSTANT.

Simplified (and considerably reduced the price) a version "тюхээюую =ѕЁр" is and visiting by schoolboys of the military ship in Sevastopol, and shooting from the automatic machine on range... And simply to walk on range when there there are no fighting employment and to be photographed at combat material or targets. Why is not present, if ask the permission … Only begin, please, with "Health I wish and Allow to address". All at you will turn out.

It is a lot of Special military tourist objects, including new. For example, fortresses of Eni-kale and Kerchensky at Kerch strait. Near Sevastopol, at with. Ljubimovka, amazes imagination with the terrible power a complex "КЁшфчр=р  ср=рЁх ". Pride of the battery - tools really regal calibre, 12 inches (305 mm). The Guinness Book of Records names these tools "ё=Ёхы ¦Ёшьш tools with the greatest calibre in РРРр". All this magnificence can be seen, and that it is important - to touch own hands that with pleasure do both adults, and children. "Ђч¦ьшэър" excursions consists also that the electromecanics providing movement of this steel multiton large object, completely boegotova. And when the tool in height about the five-floor house, obeying movement of your hand, obediently rises, you start to feel power of the Russian weapon to the full.

Such service, as tournaments on a paintball Gains in strength also. The ball with a paint has appeared very demanded entertainment, especially if to consider that game can occur in the conditions approached to the fighting. For example, in wood where each player can feel both the fighter of special troops, and the hero of star wars. It is a little sports-pejntbolnyh clubs (including because of limits of Crimea), spends games and tournaments of any complexity. For them various shelters are under construction of improvised materials or the standard inflatable equipment – the big bright volume geometrical figures (pyramids, cones, cylinders and other) is used. For command antagonisms symmetric figures are used. If will see game or simply equipped platform – do not hesitate, ask about programs for beginners. But, if competitions are held and, borders are especially designated – at all do not disturb to game, do not endanger itself. Eyes should be necessarily protected! If protection is not present, pejntobola it is impossible to come nearer to a field. Training to a paintball become obligatory attribute of children's and youthful sports camps. Usually, on quays there are organizers of games and programs for beginners in the summer. And it is necessary to register in serious programs through the Internet.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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