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Medicinal grasses

In Crimea (and, probably, everywhere) each grass keeps at a distance - grows only there, where the best (is more exact, habitual) a parity of the sun and a shade, a moisture and a drainage, on suitable soil or even at its full absence.

  1. Stony slopes limy ridges in April light up with almost continuous light of an adonis spring. Separate plants meet even in city line of Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai, Belogorska and Simferopol (only here they, of course, not quite medical). In general an adonis - the strong and checked up means for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

    In the summer the yarrow - a white squash blossoms. Collect it, cutting off the top parts of a plant or separately tsvetki and a grass. Infusions, preparations from a yarrow are applied at intestinal, pulmonary, gemorroidalnyh, matochnyh diseases, and also at various bleedings.

    Here, on stony slopes, it is possible to meet odorous chabrets, collect it in full flowering - from the middle of June till the end of summer. Essence is contained only by the top, thin parts of small stalks with leaves and colours. Preparations from them apply in quality otharkivajushchego, antiseptic; vetrogonnogo, calming, protivosudorozhnogo means. At nevritah and radiculitises it kills a pain.

    The grass of the bitter wormwood growing in the same stony dry places, is used for treatment gastroenteric diseases, an anaemia, a sleeplessness, a hypertension, illnesses of a liver and a bilious bubble.

  2. If a little to go down, at a foot of foothill ridges , on solar edges of coppices, on meadows, at roads grow rare now kurtinki camomiles chemist's, blossoming since June and having a wide spectrum of application from normalisation of activity of a gastroenteric path before improvement of a food of hair. Tea from tsvetkov camomiles - one of few medical products, which always by the way.

    To praise highly especially a plantain, probably, there is no sense though it is worthy of it: all of us in the early childhood polzovali itself its merciful leaves. But except treatment of grazes and cuts a fresh plantain, it use in the form of juice - at gastritises, kolitah, a cystitis, and infusion from the dried leaves as otharkivajushchee means.

    Seldom enough it is possible to meet zveroboj made a hole (a lot of a similar grass with the same bright yellow asterisks of colours, but with leaves without "яхЁ¶юЁрчшш"), blossoming since June till September. Infusion from tsvetkov and leaves possesses knitting, anti-inflammatory and toning up properties. Tea from zveroboja, fragrant and pleasant on taste, calms, fills with feeling of comfort. Only ATTENTION: infusion zveroboja krepit. At normal digestion (and furthermore at propensity to locks), it should be made only in a mix with a camomile (easy laxative).

    The habitual dandelion in cities and settlements is better be not to touching - on its leaves settle automobile exhausts, and here to bring leaves from country walk will not prevent. The fresh young leaves soaked in salty water about half an hour, it is possible to add in fat. Dandelion roots (them prepare in the autumn) use for appetite excitation, at locks and as zhelchegonnoe means.

  3. The following typical "ьхё=юЁюцфхэшх" it waste grounds , the weed places thrown by people, places centuries-old vypasa cattle. First of all, the burdock-burdock with powerful tsvetonosnym a stalk here is evident. But it just is not necessary to us - the annual burdock with the same huge leaves, but without a stalk is old too, and here, possesses a curative root broth from which is known as strong diuretic and a sudorific.

    The nettle has an effect a burning pain, but however the plant it is very useful, especially fresh leaves, which chlorophyll does not collapse at kipjachenii. They possess strong kroveostanavlivajushchimi and otharkivajushchimi properties, are used at intestines frustration. Broths from the dried leaves of a nettle apply also to rinsing of hair.
    Sporysh (bird's grechiha) it is swept well up there where other grass have trampled, it it is a lot of and in settlements, especially on new buildings. And meanwhile, this invisible plant raises coagulability of blood, reduces uterus muscles, anti-inflammatory an effect has, expels sand at illnesses of kidneys. Certainly, to collect it it is necessary in those places which are left for a long time by people.

    The name pustyrnik speaks for itself. It is difficult to imagine a heap of a beaten tile and inveterate ashes somewhere in the mountain thrown settlement without a nettle and without its pink small tsvetkov, looking out of bosoms pjatilopastnyh leaves. Pustyrnik contains the fine demulcent surpassing valerianu by efficiency in 3-4 times. The top part of a blossoming plant collect from June till September.

    In the same habitats left people (in valleys under "яхЁхЁэ№ьш" cities of Southwest Crimea) I saw the whole glades or even fields of the Indian hemp. A medicine it, the truth, does not admit …

  4. At last, last type of habitats. The thought on water on the journey will always come. And in crude places, at streams , small rivers, ponds, on damp slopes of ravines, you for certain will meet a train with three-separate leaves and small yellow tsvetkami. If in the house the baby, without it not to manage. Collect and dry only train leaves. Use in broths at prostudnyh diseases and as diuretic. Bathing in train broths protects the child from potnitsy, every possible rashes and oprelostej, zolotuhi, a rickets, does its skin steady against infections. *

    At the same springs, typing vodichku for tea, you very opportunely find out mint and a balm (limonnik). Unusually pleasant taste (besides allowing to save on sugar) and a strong demulcent. To drink, the truth, costs only at bedtime - razmarivaet fine.

* By the way, about children and an infection. Radical means against an oral cavity infection, first of all milkwomen at chest children - jam from petals of a tea rose. It is enough to humidify a baby's dummy in a cup where on 20-30 grammes of water (boiled) some drops of jam - all it is filtered.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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