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Dangerous plants and animals

Thoughtless pozhevyvanie blades, leaf grinding between fingers, aroma inhalation (flowers evergreen magnolias ), tasting of bright appetizing fruits ( a yew berry ) if you precisely do not know that this such - all it can come to an end is rather pitiable.

In mountains it is dangerous jasenets or neopalimaja kupina (a low plant with the leaves reminding an ash-tree, and covered with the pieces of iron allocating essence). Radio steams can light up from brought fire that, however, will not damage neopalimoj kupine, and here it is better to people to keep from it far away.

the Crimean animals are harmless enough. Bears, wolves, lynxes, etc. At us is not present, meetings with foxes, vagrant dogs and cats which can suffer furiousness however are not excluded. Just in case from them it is necessary to keep in wood far away. Serious danger is represented by a wild wild boar if it by something have disturbed and have infuriated - here, without losing time, it is necessary to clamber on the nearest tree.

Venomous snakes, in the Crimean woods are not present, but poisonous insects, though also a rarity, but meet on all peninsula. People are not object of their hunting but if you were bitten all the same by a tarantula, a scorpion or something similar, on ranku apply a bandage moistened in a strong solution margantsevokislogo kalija, inside is accepted a half-glass of a solution margantsevo-sour kalija is weak-pink colour. Before arrival of the doctor it is necessary to provide to the victim rest, heat, plentiful drink.

Last years the wood tick , besides transferring entsefalit became essential danger .

The Stuck tick to deprive of air access, cover with a fat cream or oil and pull out a loop made round it golovogrudki from a usual thread. It is necessary to deliver the tick urgently in the nearest sanitary-epidemic station (Crimean republican SES +38 0652 27-33-12).

At a sting blood-sicking insects it is impossible to scratch places of stings. Can gain the wadded tampon moistened with spirit or cologne, and also a small amount of the Vietnamese balm "Гюыю=р  чтхчфр". But in places where it is a lot of mosquitoes, for example at the Azov coast, it is better to use frightening off means.

In the sea at Crimean serious dangers are not present coast. The Black Sea shark katran, for example, is small harmless fish. The poisonous small fish - a slope - hvostokol (a sea cat) if on it to come a foot can represent a problem only that is possible only in those places where people happen extremely seldom. Black Sea jellyfishes allocate the poisonous slime useful, for example, at rheumatism and in general raising imunnuju system, but at slime hit in eyes, they should be washed out urgently fresh water.

First aid Phone - 03 in all cities and settlements.

to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
" rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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Medicinal grasses
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